ZSL London Zoo | Revisited!

Ever since my last visit to ZSL London Zoo which seems like forever ago but really just over a year, I have been craving a visit again! Since then lots of wonderful things have happened, mainly births of some wonderful additions to the Zoo!

The day finally came when I just couldn’t wait any longer and had to venture for a little trip to the Zoo. Taking Shehzad along for the adventure too. He loves one just as much as I do!

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen a couple of photos I uploaded from there. It’s been about a month since this visit so I apologise for the absence! Also, sorry for the photo heavy post but I had to share these lovely snaps!

































































The Tiger Territory was my favourite part of the day by far. The main attraction being that of the gorgeous trio of Sumatran Tiger cubs in Tiger Territory. Offspring’s of male Sumatran Jae Jae and female Melati. I’ve been keeping well up to date with them on ZSL’s online feeds. Seriously, I am a little obsessed but tigers and big cats are the ultimate animals I would give my life to see! I stood along with a group of avid tiger obsessives and waited for the rare chance we may get to see the stunning cubs in the long grass. I really didn’t expect them to come out and be so playful for so long. I was in complete shock, snapping well over one hundred photos of these gorgeous cubs. Eyes welling up. honestly, I love tigers so much and this could well have been my only opportunity to see cubs so close!

I had a fantastic day at ZSL London Zoo. It’s somewhere I could happily visit over and over again. It’s so nice to visit what I would class as a peaceful location in the heart of London. It’s the perfect day out in the city for all the family! The tiger cubs are growing up so fast, if you’re looking to visit to see them I would do it very soon!

Have you visited ZSL London Zoo before? What’s your favourite attraction? What other Zoos and Safari parks would you recommend and what’s your favourite animal?