Winter Holiday Packing Guide

This is the perfect time to take a Winter Holiday abroad, whether you want to visit one of the many Christmas markets across Europe, or hone your winter sport skills in the Alps. When it comes to the chore of packing though, some people can feel a little lost. While most are used to packing for tropical temperatures during the summer, what should you take with you for a winter break? If you’re taking a trip for the first time to colder climates for some traditional Christmas weather, and you’re feeling unsure of what to take, read on for a few pointers.


Swap your sarong for a scarf

The main thing in your head should be warmth; all your key accessories should focus on keeping the heat in, and when choosing outfits, layering is not only bang on trend, but also a great way to create lots of different outfits from a few key pieces. I’m a huge fan of the faux fur gilets at the moment, but you can also pick up a faux fur scarf that adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise plain outfit.

If you’re planning on wearing dresses for evening outfits, take thicker wraps made from cashmere or wool, or go for one of the many fur-lined capes that are all over the high street right now. They look oh so glamorous, but keep you toasty at the same time.


Take statement pieces of jewellery

Most of the time you’ll be wrapped up warm, but all of those items will be pretty bulky in your suitcase. That means far less space available for you to pack tonnes of accessories, so instead, focus on taking just a few stunning statement pieces that will instantly add some sparkle to any outfit.

I’d recommend going for something classic and timeless in the evening, such as a gemstone necklace which draws the eye with a pop of colour. If you want to add a touch of high-end glamour to your every-day outfits though, make sure you pick out a piece of Boho Luxe jewellery from ChloBo. They have a whole range focusing on bohemian chic which is ideal for the travelling fashionista who wants to stay stylish on the road.


Organise and save on space

A Winter Holiday can be the hardest to pack for. Space will be tight in your suitcase, so don’t forget to downsize where you can and use some organisers to make more room for warm clothes. I always use jewellery organisers and decant things like shampoo and conditioner into smaller containers to save weight.

You might be concerned about footwear too. These are the bulkiest item, but you need hard-wearing shoes for those walks around cobbled European streets, right? Only take one pair of good walking boots with you, and wear them to their airport. In your suitcase, take a couple of pairs of either fashion trainers or some sophisticated winter brogues, depending on your style.

What do you take with you on a winter holiday? Let me know in the comments

  • Great tips here, I tend to wear the bulkiest and heaviest items on the plane so I have more space in my bag x

  • I always pack one heavy coat with lighter items in my bag and a pair of boots which I stuff with items in it.

  • Nayna Kanabar

    I agree layering is great and a good shawl is a must.