Weight Battle – Problem Solved!

I’ve been a little fed up and tired with the lack of fitness and exercise I’ve been doing for a while. I do a little here and there like everyone with a busy lifestyle, I walk wherever/whenever I can and I do some light exercises from home but I feel that is not enough. So I decided to make myself a workout plan and will soon make a meal plan to help me  improve and maintain my fitness level and physique.
My reason behind the home workout plan is because I don’t have the confidence to walk into a gym and work out at this moment in time and even if I did I refuse to pay the fees when I can simply do it at home for free!
So here’s my attempt at getting a great body for Summer!

I also thought I’d take this moment to share my past weight issues with you. You can click Read More if you wish to 🙂



From a young age I was always on the thin side and no matter how much I ate, I just never put weight on. My mother would take me to the doctors and feed me weight-gaining shakes but nothing ever made me put weight on and I was bullied for it on and off throughout my childhood and teenage years.
In 2010, when I was 19-20 years old, I was a slim size 8-10 and without seeming full of myself, it was the happiest I’ve ever been with my body. But sadly it didn’t last and that all changed after an operation on my stomach in early 2011. I could no longer eat what I wanted couldn’t exercise due to the pain after the operation so I grew to a size 12 within the space of a year. Now I’m not saying a size 12 is big, but from where I was standing, it wasn’t me. I have always had a slim frame and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.
From early teens through until very recently, I suffered from Social Anxiety, it mainly affected being around members of the public and eating in public and often made me sick at the thought of doing either. This anxiety was at it’s peak from 2010-2012 and ruined my early twenties, when my friends at the time would go out on weekends, I would be at home, making a public appearance only when I felt comfortable and even then I only felt comfortable around a selected two.
In 2012 I suffered a miscarriage part way through the year and from then on my relationship with food changed. I no longer wanted to eat junk food, I cut down my portions and ate a lot healthier.

Since then I am happy to say that I have seen an improvement in my health and even my weight, I now am back down to a size 10. I am also comfortable with being in public and rarely fear this. I also eat in public on a regular basis, with only the odd fearful moment!

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