Wednesday Wishlist | Watches

I’ve been eyeing up so many watches recently that it just made sense to narrow the humongous list until I can finally choose which is the perfect watch for me. I’ve never owned a really well made watch before and never really had a reason to wear one on my limp wrists until I started working on the Railway. Now time is oh so important and every minute must be counted so, what the heck, I may aswell treat myself to a beautiful watch to wear every day!

Watch Wishlist


Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Chronograph Watch, £565

Kate Spade Rio Wave Metro Watch, $195

Olivia Burton Woodland Chocolate Bee Watch, £65
Olivia Burton Moulded Bee Navy and Rose Gold Watch, £125

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Watch, £159

I am finding these 5 watches to be both practical and stunning for both work and play. I dislike watches with too many buttons and too chunky. The Thomas Sabo is very similar for the Michael Kors I have seen so many bloggers wearing lately! Thomas Sabo watches are both gorgeous and very well made. Shehzad actually has one of the male styled ones. Kate Spade, oh Kate Spade. This one is so Summer and festival chic. I absolutely adore it for a playful day out! And as for these two from Olivia Burton. Is it not obvious how much I love bees? I am swayed more towards the rose gold as I do love the colour! Finally, the Daniel Wellington was something I found whilst online window shopping on ASOS. Simple yet stunning!

Are you a watch fan. Which watch do you own?