Wednesday Wishlist | Black Boots!

Brr, are you starting to feel the cold? My little toes are, which can only mean one thing… It’s time to wave goodbye to pumps and trainers and give a warm welcome to winter boots! I only have one pair which I received as a gift well over a year ago but they’re still in pretty good nick. But we can never have too many pairs of shoes, am I right girls?

Today I’m looking at some simple yet gorgeously fashionable black winter-style boots to see me through the colder months! There are far too many to choose from, most of which have a heel a bit taller than I would like, especially seeing as it will be getting icy and forgive me for evening saying this, snowy, sometime soon and I don’t know about you but I cannot stand wearing any heel larger than 2 inches in slippery weather – serious danger to ankles and bottoms when falling over!


Winter Boots Wishlist


Black Faux Fur Lined Ankle Boots – Dorothy Perkins – £32.00

Shearling Lined Side Split Ankle Boots – New Look via ASOS – £24.99

Low Chain Detail Ankle Boots – H&M – £34.99

Buckle Detail Mid Heel Ankle Boots – H&M – £29.99

Suede Ankle Boots with Metal Trim – H&M – £34.99

I love black boots, they’re so versatile and can be worn with both casual and slightly dressy looks – great with jeans tucked into them or even layered with tights and a cute dress or skirt for a more feminine yet edgy style. Buckles and zips give added texture and detail and the gold and silver contrasts with the black to give a little colour, always great, even for a girl like me who loves to wear black!
Now the first three are my idea of perfect for winter weather. fashionable yet suitable for the weather, the soles are chunky and non-slip! Okay, I know I said high heeled boots aren’t ideal for the colder months but the last two pairs both look gorgeous and are great for evenings and nights out!

Anyway, here’s a little wishlist I’ve put together of some beaut boots, I am pleasantly surprised I haven’y put any of those darned cut out buckle boots (mock JC’s) on this wishlist but I can’t see they’ll look great with socks poking through the peep holes!
Have I got you thinking that perhaps you need a new pair of boots or have you already got a pair all sorted for the cold? Let me know where you found your precious foot warmers!