Jamie Oliver Recipease

Today I went to Clapham Junction with my mum to purchase some of my sister’s 21st Birthday presents and just so happened to stumble upon one of Jamie Oliver’s Recipease stores during our journey, and of course I just had to take a look as I’ve been wanting to for a long time!

Sadly I did not take any photos, though I’m sure I’ll be heading there in the near future and will happily do so for those who have never been! The shop was large as they hold food classes on a regular basis and were holding one today, the smell of the food they were cooking was divine  The shop also contained a very large range of produce ranging from Olives to Jams and Marmalade’s and at the moment with Easter on the way they have a gorgeous selection of mini chocolate eggs and jars of cookie kits! They even sell crockery and kitchenware, it was hard not to leave with a dish or two! The shop also has a cafe in the front where you can purchase hot beverages and pastries, I even saw a sign for hot breakfasts like pancakes and fry ups! We decided on a takeaway as we were in a hurry and here’s what my mum treated me to…

A super tasty and incredibly sticky Banana and maple syrup muffin. So moist and sweet, with chunks of banana and white chocolate! Delicious.
And a sausage roll. Now I don’t like sausage rolls, I don’t even like to eat pork but I decided to get this because it does look delicious. And my god, it’s the best sausage roll I’ve ever had! Unlike other sausage rolls, which have a massive gap of air between the puff pastry and measly sausage, this was full to the brim with pork sausage meat mixed with leeks, slow roasted red onions, fennel seeds, carrot and a hint of lemon zest, wrapped in puff pastry and topped with poppy and sesame seeds.
I highly recommend trying these if you’re ever around Jamie Oliver’s Recipease shops located in London Notting Hill and Clapham Junction and Brighton!
Visit Jamie Oliver’s website for more information.