Three Things To Do In Bandung

Bandung is also known as Kota Kembang which means the Flower City as it was famous for its flowers. The third largest city of Indonesia is surrounded by the lush green plantations, beautiful Parahyangan mountains and the panorama of active volcanoes. It is a favorite spot for holiday makers and a popular weekend escape for Jakartans. After all, the city is never short of attractions and the locals recommended the city for a cool respite as well as great food and fun-filled shopping. Log on to to learn about popular holiday tours and packages. Stay at Hotel Hilton Bandung, which happened to be a popular name among the tourists and the local travellers.



1. Walk into the live crater

Drive to Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano that is about 2 hours’ drive away North from Bandung. The mountain carries a mystery and legend around it, and it is a remarkable experience as you step in an active volcano and walk on the live crater. You can hike or ride to the edge of the crater and watch the boiling mud, and hot water springs up close. It’s also a hotspot (pun intended) to buy some eggs and cook them on the hot surface.
Tourists can walk through the volcano with three craters, Kawah Ratu, Kawah Domas and Kawah Upas. There are many hot geysers in Domas Crater and despite those mild eruptions, the mountain appears peaceful. Kawah Ratu means the “Queen’s Crater,” while Kawah Upas, the oldest crater on the mountain. Ciater tea plantation lies at the foot of Mt. Tangkuban Perahu, which boasts of souvenir kiosks, plenty of restaurants and comfortable parking area. There are stores selling handicrafts and souvenirs at the top of the crater.


Dine in the “birds nests” at Lutung Kasarung in Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

2. Visit Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu is situated in Kolonel Masturi at the foot of the mountain. This is a relaxing family leisure park that is surrounded by remarkable and picturesque scenery. Enter the main gate where the gigantic bamboo structure welcomes you and take a floral shuttle to reach the main area of the park. There are fascinating bamboo walking paths that line the verdant greens. Enjoy a great dining experience on the “Lutung Kasarung,” which is one of Dusun Bambu’s hanging nests. Have a very satisfying meal at the tree top as the cool mountain breeze blows across. Go higher to Cafe Burangrang, for a more scenic view of the Burangrang mountain. There are jaw-dropping views of nature, and you will love the scenic view of the man-made lake.


Eat like a local: Traditional Sudanese cuisine


3. Enjoy the Saung Angklung Udjo Show

If you want to experience the happiest place in Bandung, then go for the Saung Angklung Udjo Show. Hear the soft melodies of the Angklung that are sure to relax your mind and put a smile on your face. Watch kids performing Angklung, which is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo. The performance speaks for itself, and one can see how passionate the children are about their craft. Dance with the kids at the end of the program to the happy melodies.

Of course there are so many more things to do. So tell me, have you visited Indonesia or Bandung in particular? I’d love to know!