The Breakfast Club from Graze Box

Today I received the brand new Breakfast Club Box* from The latest in a new collection of exciting healthy treats delivered straight to your door, the Breakfast Club box from Graze is just like the original box only for breakfast, (duh?!).
The choices are limited at the moment, with just 8 different combinations of porridge oats though I reckon they could easily add more selections as like the ever growing Graze Box snacking treats.

This week I received four delicious combinations of: Apple & Cinnamon with honey, Fig & Blueberry, Cherry & Almond with honey and Coconut & Date with yoghurt coated seeds.

The box also comes with a leaflet explaining how to cook your porridge and the nutritional value of each of your porridge punnets (plus milk) so you can easily track your daily intake.

I haven’t yet tried any of the porridge as I received it after breakfast. I will add a little update once I have 🙂


To get your free Breakfast Club Box from Graze just head to and enter this code 4X9PDV7

Overall, just by looking at it, I am very impressed with this new collection from Graze and I look forward to seeing more newbies for their collections. PS, look out for the new Kids range, tasty healthy snacks exclusively for kiddies!

Were you one of the lucky ones to receive the new Breakfast Club boxes? Would you like one?!