Tesco’s Entertaining Cheese Range – Part 1

This is a two part post in which I will be reviewing 4 products from Tesco’s new Entertaining Cheese Range.
The Entertaining Cheese Range is a new wide range of party ready cheese meals to spruss up any celebration, barbecue or al fesco dining experience this Summer! They can be purchased from any large Tesco store nationwide.
I was delighted to receive coupons for the new range, being a huge cheese lover although I should avoid dairy, I just had to pop to my local Tesco Superstore and grab some to try to today I’m sharing my experience with two of their delicious new products, Mexican-Style Monterey Jack cheese and Goats’ Cheese Parcels.

Mexican-style Monterey Jack cheese filler with spices and green and red chillies*, Tesco,

In my house nothing beats a good mexican food night so I decided it would be the perfect time to test the Mexican-style cheese filler. This is a ready to eat, medium heat filler made with Monterey jack cheese, spices and plenty of chopped red and green jalapeno peppers!

I prepared the Mexican feast as usual, smokey bbq chicken fajitas with plenty of salsa, red peppers and mature cheddar cheese and wrapped in toasted tortilla! However, this time I topped off my classic fajita with the new Monterey jack filler and tucked in! I was delighted with the spice and overall flavour of this filler, so much more spicier than Mexicana cheese found in Supermarkets!

My family loved it and the feedback given was all positive. The cheese melted slightly and was spiced to perfection but not overly so you could still tell there was a tang of cheese!

It comes in a great sized tub, perfect size for a family of 4 or more, we had plenty left over even after stuffing out fajitas!

I definitely recommend this if you’re having a Mexican night, it goes well with fajitas and I have a feeling it would be great with burritos, enchiladas and even topped on nachos and salsa as a snack! The possibilities are endless!

6 Goats’ Cheese Parcels with Smoked Bacon*, Tesco,

Next we tried the Goats’ Cheese Parcels wrapped in smoked bacon. A thick disk of goats’ cheese wrapped in a thin fresh cut of smoked bacon. With this product it needed to be fried in a dry pan, no oil needed. It took just 5 minutes to cook, turning frequently to avoid sticking to the pan.
I was a little disappointed with this product as as they were cooking they started to fall apart, I think this could be avoided if there was more/thicker slice of bacon wrapped around the cheese. I persevered and cooked it through, serving it along side our Mexican food, tossed on some side salad of spinach leaves, cucumber and tomato.
Although the parcels didn’t look THAT appetizing, we tried them and were astounded at the taste and texture of it!
The crisp smoked bacon complimented the goats cheese perfectly. The goats’ cheese warm and soft with a such a deliciously strong taste. I had to go in for seconds.
My mum, also a cheese lover but not so much a bacon lover surprisingly enjoyed it so much she also had two!
Despite the fact that they fell apart whilst cooking I would still recommend trying these goats cheese parcels, serve them as I have on top of a salad or along side a chicken dish! I’d imagine they would also be delicious in a burger, but that’s just my wild side coming out!

Have you tried the new Tesco Entertaining Cheese range? Are you a cheese lover and would this appeal to you if you’re having a barbecue or party?

The second part of this post will be up in the forthcoming days, keep your eyes peeled if you love cheese as much as I do!

  • Oh my god, the fact that it's called 'The Entertaining Cheese Range' is brilliant! I think they are onto a winner with that one! xxx

  • Oh wow the range sounds incredible!!!!!! I am seriously going to have to give it a try xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie