Spending Ban Challenge | Week 3

So week 3 seemed quite alright, my sister came to visit and we were both very good with money. We didn’t even go window shopping!

Food wise it was a pretty good week for me, on Monday night I was invited out for dinner with 3 friends to Hot Pink Grill in Wimbledon and was treated by Jess to a delicious meal! Sadly I didn’t take photos or such for a blog post but I will be visiting again soon.
On Tuesday I had a hot lunch at Bill’s Wimbledon, which you can read about here. It was such a tasty meal, it filled me up all day so I didn’t need to buy anything for the evening!
On Wednesday and Thursday I cooked at home for my family with ingredients from the cupboards, woohoo to bulk buying things like pasta, tuna and cheese!
On Friday I was invited out to dinner again, this time to Nando’s. It wasn’t my turn to pay so I got a cheeky meal for free and then we all went to the cinema to see The Wolverine and I managed to pay for two tickets plus a drink, adding up to £23.00 using my Nectar points! Yippee!

Make up and skincare wise, I’ve been trialling a few products from NSPA, you can read about here. I’m still going basic with my make up as I’m running super low on foundation and fear I may have to purchase a new one either this week or next!

I decided I wanted my blog to be reached out to more readers so with that I purchased 3 advertising spaces, one with Tattooed Tea Lady for £10, another with Miss Makeup Magpie for £8 and a final one with Beckys Makeup, which was free as it was a button swap!
Purchasing a monthly ad space can really benefit for you visitors and readers and even gain you more followers. I can’t say I’d do it every month but this was my first time so I thought I’d see how it goes.
Blog button swaps are also good if you don’t have the money to spend on ad space and would like to promote others blogs.

Total spend this week = £18.00

Are you joining in on the spending ban challenge? I’d love to see your updates and how you’re doing if you are!