NSPA Beauty Rituals | Review

Last month I was kindly asked to test and share my thoughts on a few products from NSPA Beauty Rituals range.

NSPA Beauty Rituals is a collection of dermatologically approved and Paraben free facial beauty products created and used by experts at Nirvana Spa, the number 1 Day Spa in the UK. What’s even better is that NSPA are against animal testing and all products are made in the UK!

The collection is categorised into a 4-step skincare routine that you can create to your own taste:

Step 1 Cleanse; to draw out impurities, remove makeup and clarify skin

Step 2 Exfoliate; to buff away dull skin cells, refine pores and tone skin

Step 3 Treat; to condition and replenish tired skin

Step 4 Moisturise; to restore and nourish thirsty skin

I love the idea of the 4-step routine as it allows you to mix and match certain products depending on your skin type and it’s also great for anyone who is a bit baffled and overwhelmed with skincare products, I am sadly one of those people!
There is a lovely choice of products for each category, sections 1, 2 and 3 each have four products to choose from and section 4 has seven various creams and moisturisers.

NSPA Beauty Rituals range is available to buy exclusively at Asda stores nationwide in the beauty/skincare isle and online at Asda.com. The price of the range is very reasonable, much like most Supermarket brands, with products priced between £4.50 and £7 and with various offers on you can save even more.
I love the packaging of the NSPA Beauty Rituals range. With sleek, mainly white packaging and clear typography both front and back. Each product tells you which step they are in, with a bold 123 or 4 on the front of the product in corresponding colours.


Step 1 Cleanse: Revitalising Vitamin Toning Mist*, 150ml | £3.00
Directions of use: After cleansing, hold 20–30cm away and spritz over face. Ideal for using throughout the day under or over make-up for a quick and cooling skin boost.

It smells lovely and subtle, slightly of the witch hazel and a little floral too. I only need about 1-2 small spritz to freshen my face. It feels very soothing and refreshing, perfect during the morning skincare routine and as a boost on a hot Summers.
The Ginseng and Vitamin E in this are said to help towards moisturising and brightening the skin, however I can’t say I’ve noticed much brightening. My skin does feel moisturised after toning.
The Revitalising Vitamin Toning Mist is suitable for all skin types and for £3.00 it’s worth getting even just to try!



Step 2 Exoliate: Brightening Detox Scrub*, 125ml | RRP £4.50
Directions of use: Use 2-3 times per week, after cleansing apply to damp skin and massage in circular motions. Rinse well with warm water.
The texture surprised me at first, a light and fluffy foam-like consistency; it spreads across the face very softly and felt moisturising. The texture of the scrub ones massaging into the skin was very interesting; the micro exfoliation beads were gentle, unlike many scrubs I have tried that feel too abrasive like sandpaper and are large and gritty. These exfoliated my skin well and actually made my skin feel soft and clean. The scent is very light, which is a plus for me as I don’t like overpowering scents.
I’ve been using this for a good few weeks and it is turning into my new favourite scrub. Overall it does what it says on the tube; removes dead skin cells, leaves skin clearer and softer. At just £4.50 I definitely recommend this scrub!




Step 3 Treat: Replenishing Moisture Mask*, 125ml | £5.00
Directions of use: Use 2-3 times per week. After Steps 1 & 2, apply an even layer to a clean face and neck. Leave for 10–20 minutes then gently wipe away any excess using cotton pads soaked with warm water.
A pale pink, thick and creamy textured cream mask. It smells faintly of floral notes, very much like spa products. The moisture mask spreads evenly across the face, I apply a generous covering across dry areas such as my nose and cheek bones for extra moisture. It instantly feels soothing and not uncomfortable at all, I could easily keep this mask on until all of it has been soaked into my skin. I’ve used this a handful of times over the past two weeks and my skin feels a lot softer and smoother. My dry bits instantly feel more moisturised and my skin doesn’t seem greasy or overly shiny.
For £5.00 it’s a definite must have and bargain even just to try!



Step 4 Moisturise: Nourishing Eye & Lip Treatment*, 15ml | RRP £3.00
Directions of use: Use daily, apply a small amount to the eye area by dabbing with your finger. It can also be used on lips simply by smoothing over.

This lovely nourishing treatment comes in a beauty bag friendly sized tube so is perfect for on the go!
It contains ginseng, caffeine and vitamin E to brighten and reduce puffiness and dark circles to the eyes.
The texture is creamy with a slight pearl sheen, after blending and dabbing to the eyes and lips it soaks in well and is incredibly soft and light feeling. It probably wouldn’t be best for those who need a thicker moisturiser but it does the job for me!
Personally, I love the scent of this nourishing treatment. It has a soft yet noticeable smell of jojoba oil and cranberry extract which I find very refreshing.
I’ve been using daily for a few weeks and I’m really loving it, I haven’t noticed much of a difference to the puffiness of my eyes but my under-eyes and lips feel very soft.


Have you tried any of the NSPA Beauty Rituals 4-step skincare routine products?
Have you tried any other NSPA products from bath to hair?
What do you think of NSPA?