My Week in Photos | BigBlogmasProject2014

As you may know I recently got back from a two week holiday to Mauritius with my other half. I am very much missing it already, serious holiday blues everyone! So here are my fave pics from the past week, taken from my Instagram if you would like to follow you can: peachesandbear

The view from outside our room, Palmar beach // Paddling in clear waters of the Indian Ocean // Before our submarine ride at Choisy // Shipwreck at 40m below the sea // Sea turtle just chilling out 35m below // The waves crashing at Gris Gris // Getting soaked whilst posing for a photo // Enjoying the flora and fauna at SSR Botanical Garden // A very serious face in front of the giant amazon water lilies

There will be a few holiday posts coming up in the next few weeks. So I hope you will check back to read all about my holiday and even get some tips on travelling to Mauritius and what to expect when you’re there!

What did you get up to this week? I’m completely out of the blogging loop right now so I’d love a little catch up, why not tweet me @peachesandbear 🙂

  • Mary Ann

    Looks beautiful! Especially the sea floor!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  • This looks amazing! Super jealous! xx