My Secrets Are Safe

I recently received this gorgeous leather bound padlock journal and just had to share it’s look with you! Isn’t it neat? The reason behind it is that I am absolutely rubbish at expressing my thoughts and feelings, often keeping them to myself until I eventually erupt and lash out at those close to me, until now. But it’s not all negative thoughts, I am hoping that it will also enlighten me and keep me motivated to complete some personal challenges I have set myself. I must say that this journal was a very thoughtful gift and is now my newest saviour for keeping positive! High five to positivity!


It’s a handmade leather bound journal to look like a wooden door, which I love the novelty of especially with the padlock to keep it secured, for your eyes only! It has unlined Persian Paper, perfect for me as I love to both write and draw but hate drawing over lines! I’m sure it comes available with lined paper too. The first and last pages are beautifully illustrated with a map of London which I want to colour further but I am resisting!!
This journal is available from A Little Present along with many other beautifully handmade notebooks and journals and would make the perfect gift for any age and gender!

Do you keep a diary/journal for your eyes only? Do you like the novelty of a padlock diary or are you now reminiscing about your childhood diary?