My Marimo Terrarium

I thought I’d share my new plant/pet/friend/home item with you today. I’ve been researching these and terrariums for about a month and finally got round to finding a lovely starter kit to set me off on my terrarium adventure. I honestly need friends/a hobby :p

I purchased a marimo terrarium kit from Etsy, found here.
The kit containing everything I need to start a terrarium at home: two white stones, a bag of tiny purple gravel, a small marimo ball and care instructions all within this terrarium jar.


I’m sure some of you will be wondering what this odd looking ball is so let me explain…

A Marimo moss ball is a type of algae, originally found in the freeflowing rivers and lakes of Japan. It grows in round balls, with a fluffy velvet coating and it’s name literally translates as “bouncy moss ball” or “ball seaweed”.

What makes the marimo ball special is that during photosynthesis, they float to the surface of the water and when they stop, they simply sink back down and sit happily at the bed of their home. They like flowing water but as they’re kept in jars at home, that won’t happen. To make them happy and form an even shape simply play with them when they bob to the top, splash the water a little so they swirl around.

A Marimo ball is a great little plant which is so simple and easy to take care of. They don’t require watering or feeding, simply pop them somewhere with in-direct sunlight and they’ll be happy. They only need a water change every 2 weeks or sooner if the water goes cloudy.

You can also make more of them by simply pulling them apart to form smaller balls. So if they get too big for the jar or you just want to make more of a family then it’s simple to do.

Marimo balls are also said to give their owner good luck when they are taken care of properly. They also live for many years if looked after well, so it makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves plants.

I love this little plant and can’t wait to see it grow. Lets hope I don’t kill it!

Do you have a marimo ball at home or would you like one? Are there any other plants you love to look after?