My sister is here for the week so on Tuesday we thought we’d make the most of the nice weather and go to ZSL London Zoo for the first time along with a group of friends. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the zoo seeing as it’s situated in the heart of London’s Regents Park, a very spacious area with over 750 species of animal to see!

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Humboldt Penguin swimming
The Paper Kite Butterfly
Owl Butterfly
Orange Cocoon


Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin
Leafcutter Ants
Bolivian Squirrel Monkey
Bolivian Squirrel Monkey

The Bolivian Squirrel Monkeys otherwise known as Black Capped Squirrel Monkeys were cheeky little things. you had to walk through their¬†enclosure¬†to see them up close and they took quite a shine to our mobile phones as we took photos of them. In the first image the monkey is looking directly at my phone, it wanted the bunny ears on my phone case and got a lot closer before I finally put my phone away. Another monkey actually stole Matt’s phone from his hand and dropped it on the floor, so cheeky!

Serval in the distance
The Servals fur pattern was gorgeous

We only saw one of two Servals the zoo has. My first time seeing one and it was so beautiful!


Asian Lions sunbathing on and alongside the platform
Pygmy Hippopotamus

The Pygmy¬†Hippopotamus¬†took a shine to me and walked from afar to the window I was stood at and opened it’s mouth to my hand against the window. So cute!


Domestic Donkeys
Petting a cute domestic goat
Matt and a domestic goat

We got up close and cuddly with some goats in the petting area. The black one took a shining to Matt.


Jae Jae the Sumatran Tiger
Jae Jae the Sumatran Tiger
Jae Jae the Sumatran Tiger
Aaron and Jae Jae

The highlight of the day out was of course, seeing the new Tiger¬†Territory¬†which opened last week. I am a huge lover of big cats and it was amazing to see the sumatran tigers,¬†Melati¬†and¬†Jae Jae¬†up close in their newly renovated enclosure. We even had a fright when Melati growled back at us after we disturbed her as she was sunbathing, oops! So sadly I didn’t get any photos of her as she hid after that. All of the photos are of Jae Jae, who was sleeping the whole time and having a good dream by the looks of it.


Komodo Dragon

The two Komodo Dragons at London Zoo are now famous for their appearance in James Bond – Skyfall

Western Lowland Gorilla just chilling
Western Lowland Gorilla through the window

That above is Zaire the oldest female gorilla at London Zoo. She was being very sly and sitting quite comfortably in the viewing tunnel above, I didn’t notice her until the zoo keeper pointed her out to me.

Giraffe having lunch


Gorgeous little Okapi grazing
Giraffes enjoying the sun
Sloth, just hangin out
Sloth on the move

I finally encountered not one, but two Sloths! Both moving fairly quick to grab some fruit from the bowl! Such skills hanging upside down all day.



Oh hey, just chilling out with Matt on a tiger :’)


Got the cutest tiger cub soft toy and an ‘I helped Hari’ badge from the Tiger Territory. Even my Zoo entry ticket had a tiger on the front, rolling in snow.

I did take a lot more photos but didn’t want to bore everyone with them so I’ve kept them for myself. All images were taken on my iPhone and came out surprisingly clear! Not bad eh?

Tickets for ZSL London Zoo cost from £23 per adult and £17 per child over the age of three and can be purchased from the website. If you want to save a little money there are also various 2 for 1 vouchers which can be found online and used in conjunction with a national rail ticket.

I’d definitely recommend a trip to the zoo if you’re ever in London as it’s fun and educational for both kids and adults!

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