Create The Luxury Of A Hotel Room At Home

If there’s one thing I miss after a mini break or holiday, it’s the comfort of a luxurious hotel room. Everything from charming decor to the comfiest of beds to sleep in makes me yearn for my next adventure. Until that next opportunity arises, I’m stuck in my small one bed, cramped living space and bedroom that is slowly turning into a floordrobe crossed with craft warehouse. What’s to say we can’t minimise our home and create an atmosphere to rival hotels? We do afterall deserve a blissful sleep in a peaceful, clutter free surrounding


De-clutter your bedside table

One of the biggest problems I have at home is with junk piling up on my bedside and dressing tables. I have a serious problem, I just seem to accumulate rubbish and like to keep it on show… Most bedside and dressing tables have a drawer or two built in so why not store things you don’t need on show, in them. If you don’t have room, be brutal… do you really need to keep perfume or makeup packaging? Yes they’re pretty but they take up so much room so get rid.

My bedside table now has three things; my crystal lamp, a wireless phone charging pad and a box of tissues (something I noticed a lot of hotels seem to have on their bedside table, so I copied them) – everything else; Kindle, hand cream, night cream, goes in the top drawer.

Invest in the perfect bed for you

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom so it’s important to have it just right. It seems pretty obvious but how often do we actually invest in a mattress that is suited for our body, the way we sleep and something that will last? I for one usually go for whatever is on offer and suffer with it until my body adjusts to it…
It can be overwhelming to choose a mattress, until I found Adjustamatic who offer various products for personalised comfort, from Aveon Memory Foam Mattresses (a personal favourite of mine) to Electric Orthopaedic Beds.

Once you have the perfect mattress and bedframe, style it out with luxurious sheets and plenty of pillows, perhaps even a throw. The more the merrier. I absolutely love bolster pillows, like the ones at Burley Manor


Create A Light Spacious Room

One thing that can be difficult with our own bedrooms is space – we don’t have the luxury of a large room or never ending floor space. However we can create illusions and bring the natural light in and the easiest way to do that is with mirrors!

Large mirrors, wall mounted and strategically placed in the room can draw in light from the window and bounce it around the room to make the room shine and also stretch out the room to make it seem larger. Opt for a mirror opposite your window or place above large items of furniture to create the illusion of space behind it

Add A Bold Feature

Adding a bold feature, such as an oversized bed headboard or even some feature wallpaper on the wall behind the bed can give your bedroom a real high quality, luxury feeling. And believe it or not, oversized furniture and featured wallpaper can make rooms appear larger. A bold striped wall will draw eyes to the ceiling making it seem taller and indeed an oversized headboard too.

If you’re not keen or cannot add wallpaper, try a bold set of curtains. Hang curtains as high as possible over the window and have them floor length to add the illusion of high ceilings and a pop of colour. If you are adding a bold feature, try to keep other features neutral. Too many colours and patterns across the room can make a room seem cluttered if done wrong.


Are you guilty of having a messy bedroom? Did you find these tips useful for creating a bedroom of luxury? Let me know!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I really need to declutter my room, I have so little space in there and it looks so much nicer when I manage to get a bit more space cleared.