Hot Pink Grill | Wimbledon’s Healthy Grill | Review


On Monday night I headed to Hot Pink Grill for a delicious dinner* with Matt.

Hot Pink Grill is a healthy grill restaurant located on Wimbledon Broadway, South London. The concept of the restaurant is simple, healthy and fun food.

We were greeted by Rich, a waiter in Hot Pink Grill who showed us to our preferred table and went through the concept and menu with us. He left us to browse for ourselves before I went up to the counter and gave my order to him. He recommend a few personal favourites for us to try which I always love when visiting a new restaurant.




The interior of Hot Pink Grill is warm and inviting. The front with booths to fit groups of 4 aswell as the main bar area. Towards the back a sauce and drink station where you can choose and refill your soft drinks on tap and dipping sauces. More seating including booths and longer tables for bigger parties found at the back leading to an outdoor patio area which is currently under construction.

The decor within Hot Pink Grill is lovely with a slight vintage touch. Rustic wooden shelves store vintage bottles, jars and other decorative items. The colour scheme matching the vintage, rustic theme with browns, greens, reds and oranges.



The menu contains 12 items which can be mixed and matched  with sides and sauces to create 72 combinations. There’s also a wide range of drinks including beers, milkshakes and soft drinks and a lovely dessert menu.



Starter to share: Grilled Halloumi with Spicy Pink Sauce*, £4.00
I can’t resist halloumi. If it’s on a menu when I’m out, I have to get it. The cubes of grilled halloumi were fresh and appetizing, I chose the spicy pink sauce as it stuck out to me on the menu. The Spicy Pink sauce had a sweet fruity sauce with a slight chilli kick at the end. It went really well with the halloumi and for someone who doesn’t always enjoy spicy food I really did enjoy it.





Drinks: Peanut Butter & Jelly Crunch Milkshake*, £4.25. Vanilla Milkshake*, £4.00
Each milkshake is made with ice cream and a few extra fresh ingredients. They’re super thick and flavourful, served in an ice cold metal cup.
I cannot put into words how incredible the peanut butter and jelly crunch milkshake was. It was so thick and creamy from the ice cream. With peanut butter, crunchy peanuts and jam rippled through it and topped with toffee popcorn. Incredibly filling and sweet but totally worth a try. Even a milkshake shop couldn’t make one this good!

I’m incredibly picky when it comes to vanilla milkshakes. I can’t stand vanilla milkshakes that lack vanilla flavour and taste of basically nothing but milk. This vanilla milkshake was incredible. I don’t know if it was the ice cream or some added ingredients but it tasted really good, as if actual vanilla pod/seed had been added to it.





Mains: Grilled chicken burger, sweet potato wedges, coleslaw and garlic & herb sauce*, £10.00.

Grilled chicken burger, sweet potato wedges, coleslaw and barbecue sauce*, £10.00

We opted for the chicken burgers to be served in wholemeal buns. The buns were soft and slightly grilled inside. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomato and a herb mayonaise. The chicken was healthily grilled perfectly (not batter or deep frying here!) it not only looked great but tasted so succulent and moist and was seasoned well. Together the burger was delicious. I topped mine with the garlic and herb sauce, the tang of the garlic went so well with the chicken.

Do I need to explain again how much I love sweet potato wedges/fries?! They’re a great healthy alternative to regular fries. They taste better. They look better. I am now on the hunt for the perfect sweet potato fries!
These sweet potato wedges were thick cut, with the skin left on and roasted to perfection. One bite and they melt in your mouth. They were also seasoned with a few herbs and spices which complimented the sweet potato and made them taste even better. I need the recipe now.

I chose garlic and herb dipping sauce and Matt chose barbecue.
The garlic and herb sauce was creamy with a hint of chopped garlic and herbs, not incredibly overpowering but enough to let you taste the flavours. The barbecue sauce was out of this world. Such a distinctive sweet and fruity taste with a slight smoky and herby after taste.



Dessert: Strawberry & clotted cream cheesecake with fat free frozen yoghurt*, £5.00

Honeycomb cheesecake*, £5.00

I’m not a huge fan of cheesecakes but I was recommended the strawberries and clotted cream cheesecake by the waiter so I couldn’t exactly say no. Presented beautifully, with strawberries on top and a mint leaf on the side. My main concern with cheesecakes are the cream cheese base, my stomach just can’t accept it. However this little slice of strawberry heaven was light, soft and creamy. To me it barely resembled any cheesecake I have had before and this is probably down to the clotted cream. It tasted delectable and went down a treat. I couldn’t resist trying the fat-free frozen yoghurt too, a light and naturally sweet vanilla frozen yoghurt. Very tasty.

The Honeycomb cheesecake made me ‘wow’ upon arrival, with chocolate and caramel balls and golden honeycomb pieces topping a soft and creamy cheesecake layer also filled with honeycomb pieces. I only managed to steal a bite but it was so good, the honeycomb pieces melted in the mouth like honeycomb I have never tasted and the flavours together sweet and more-ish. Perfect for a chocolate/sweet lover!


English Breakfast Tea*, £2.00
Now I’ve never seen a tea contraption like this so understandably I was very excited to see how this worked.
The concept of this tea infuser is amazing. Pop the loose tea and hot water into the jug, leave to brew for a few minutes, when ready pop the infuser over the top of a cup or mug and watch the wizardry as the tea flows out through the bottom.
The tea was delicious, I have always preferred loose tea to tea bags. The novelty of this tea set was really exciting.

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to Hot Pink Grill. The food was outstanding, fresh and healthy and the prices very reasonable. I recommend if you’re in South London/Wimbledon to check this place out. Hopefully they will be branching out very soon!