Hello November | Lifestyle


I’m not over that fact that it’s November already. This year has gone far too quickly and although a lot has changed I still feel like I haven’t done as much as I wanted to!

November sees a whole year since I started my job on the railway. It has flown by and I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience, I am looking forward to the next year and seeing where I end up.

This month is also very important to me as I take my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend. I’m so excited to go to a hot climate and attempt to get a tan for Christmas.

I guess this month we should start thinking about Christmas too?! Wishlists, food lists and perhaps even starting to buy presents! By the time we get back from Mauritius it will be a week until my birthday and then two until Christmas.

SO this month I am going to…

Eat healthier. I’ve been getting rather lazy with my meals especially at work and it’s starting to take it’s toll, making me feel sluggish and with little energy. So this month I’m going to start making proper meals for work and at home packed full of protein and veg.

Save Save Save. Besides booking our holiday I’ve done a good job at saving this year and this month I want to save more than ever. We all know December can be an expensive month with Christmas, going to Christmas and New Years parties and more. I want to scrimp on things I don’t really need and put that money into my savings.

Schedule more blog posts. My job has definitely taken over. I’ve been feeling way too tired to blog when I am at home. But I am feeling motivated and determined to blog my way through the rest of the year! I hope you’re looking forward dot seeing more of me…

What do you plan on doing this month?