Gift Guide For Teen Girls

With so many younger cousins and friends with children growing up ever so fast, they’re quickly becoming familiar with makeup brands and to my surprise even watch hauls and tutorials on YouTube. Yep, I feel so completely old when surrounded by these youngsters who are keen to experiment with makeup and nail polish!
So I thought I’d create a wee gift guide for anyone struggling with pre-teen and teens Christmas gifts.

Kate Spade New York - Make Magic Bunny Bag - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Starting off with a big’n. The new Kate Spade New York bag just SCREAMS perfection for a teen girl. You can see her strutting her stuff to the school disco or Saturday Cinema with this stunning little Make Magic Bunny bag, fluffy rabbit tail included!

Mug Cakes Book - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Whoever invented Mug Cakes deserves a medal! Through my teens I was obsessed with baking, if I’d have known about mug cakes and using a microwave to bake, my teen years would have been perfect! The Mug Cakes book from Lene Knudsen is crammed with delicious and incredibly easy recipes for teen girls to try – perfect for sleepovers!

Happy Jackson Beauty Products - Gift Guide For Teen Beauty Lovers - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Happy Jackson creates products with bright colours, bold patterns and playful words Рtheir words and I totally agree! These beauty products are bright, fun and budget friendly. The Happy Days! Fragrance set and You Nailed It Babe! Manicure set are super cute and perfect for teen girls exploring beauty products and making awesome nail art!

Ear Muffs and Travel Mug Set - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Lifestyle Blog -

You’ll notice more and more how girls want to grow up so fast. Hanging out at Starbucks to enjoy the latest special coffee or frappucinno. Treat her to this cute combo for Winter, fluffy ear muffs and a reusable travel mug – so Instagrammable!

DIY Dream Catcher Kit - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Perfect for the little artiste in the family or young girls who enjoy crafting! This easy to follow Dreamcatcher Kit from Making Things Happen contains everything you need to make a super cute boho dreamcatcher! It’s like two gifts in one!

wizarding world loot crate contents fantastic beasts box - peaches and bear, adventure travel and food blog -

Finally and perfect for a Harry Potter obsessed teen. The Wizarding World box from Loot Crate is crammed with official and exclusive content from J.K. Rowling & Warner Bros. HP franchise! You can see my full review of the Wizarding World box here.

So there we have it, a super easy guide if you’re struggling for gifts for your teen relatives! Let me know if this has been helpful or if there’s anything you’d recommend as I am still shopping!

  • LaaLaa

    I like the look of that bag, so cute and ideal for a teenage girl. Mug cakes are fun and easy to make, so that book would go down a treat!

  • I adore the fun and bright colours of the Happy Jackson products, for sure great gifts for teens. But the ultimate, the Wizarding World box, what a fantastic gift to receive!

  • Elodie

    That dream catcher kit is so cool! I’d never seen anything like it before!

  • Natasha Mairs

    Lovely gifts!! really love that cute bunny bag, adorable! The Happy Jackson products are great too

  • Some lovely ideas here, I have 2 teen girls so thank you for the inspiration I know they would be happy with any of these items

  • This was such a great post! My daughter is nearly 12 and she’s at that age where she doesn’t know what she wants but wants something nice. This has definitely given me some great inspiration xx

  • That Kate Spade bag looks absolutely gorgeous, I bet teenage girls are so hard to buy for x

  • That Kate Spade bag is gorgeous I adore its girly design and of course the colour is one of my faves, perfect for tweens.

  • I can think of a few teenage girls I know who would love the mug cake book

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Forget the teens – I neeeeeed that bag! And the mug cake… and all of it!

  • fashion-mommy

    The bag is amazing, that would be some lucky teen!

  • I don’t know about buying that Kate Spade bag for a lucky teen; I want it for me!!!

  • beautykinguk

    I think the Kate Spade bag would be a great choice for the wife, never mind a teen!

  • Leah Shafik

    Never mind for teenage girls – that Kate Spade bag is stunning for any woman! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE! What a great find and a lovely post x

  • I clicked the link for inspo for my 13 year old sister… I ended up with a basket full of items across different websites (for myself hehe). Great post and I LOVE the travel mug xx