Frank Coconut and Grapeseed Coffee Scrub Review | Guest post by Sweet Style of Mine

Today we have Guest post is by Charlotte Hutton from Sweet Style of Mine

Charlotte is a beauty and lifestyle blogger with a passion for food and DIY! Today she’s sharing her thoughts on the Frank Coconut and Grapeseed Coffee Scrub. Over to you Charlotte…

 I have always had a love/hate relationship with body scrubs. Since a baby I have always suffered with sensitive skin, and over the years I have suffered with bouts of eczema and hypersensitive skin so scrubs that have ANY chemicals in usually ends up with me looking like a plucked pimpled chicken. Because of this I usually keep my skin routine simple and play it safe with brands I know suit my skin condition. I then recently came across Frank Body products, I decided I need to be a little more adventurous and trusting of my skin!


The Vegan Australian Company specialises in natural shower and body lotion products, straight away I was sold! Who doesn’t want to look like an Aussie beach babe, this must be their secret to their enviable bods right!?

The coconut and grapeseed scrub is designed to help get rid of any dry flakey skin with natural ingredients that don’t leave your skin feeling sore (or burnt is usually how mine ends up feeling!) but instead leaving your feel soft and smooth with their blend of Robusta coffee and coconut oil.

A Few pros and cons to consider after using this product:

1. Don’t eat it: If you are a coffee addict like me this is like a drug fix! Upon opening the bag and rubbing on my skin, the combination of the hot shower and steam in my bathroom, caused the room to instantly smell like a coffee shop, the smell was amazing! I had to stop myself from eating the blend (which I am sure would not have tasted great either!)

2. Coffee granules spread EVERYWHERE: If you also suffer with OCD like cleaning issues, I would advise against this product, it took me a good 10 minutes to get rid of the coffee out of my shower, it ended up on everything! I also knocked the bag over outside my shower which meant I had to wash my bath mat and mop the floor. I still see a rogue granule every so often lurking in the corner of my bathroom!

3. It is also hard to spread around: once wet it literally stuck to my hands like cake mix, I really struggled to scrub my face and my fingers resembled more and more like Edward scissor hands the more I tried to scrub!

After rinsing my skin did feel really soft like I had rubbed cocoa butter over myself, which was a lot more pleasant than the sore burnt feeling other sugar scrubs usually make my skin feel! I would definitely recommend it to those who also suffer with sensitive skin, the natural ingredients really seem to work well together.

This product is great as a ‘treat yourself’ but I would not recommend as an everyday shower essential, unless you are a lady of leisure and do not suffer from OCD cleaning like myself! You can find more info on the full frank body products range here

Have you tried the Frank coffee scrub? Is a coffee scrub something you’d like to try? We’d love to know your thoughts!

If you’re not already, head over to Charlottes blog now at Sweet Style of Mine and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Little Miss Lifestyle

    I’ve seen this quite a lot and wanted to try it, but I’m worried it will block my plug now you’ve said it cakes together haha x

  • Things Sarah Loves

    Ooo this looks like a great pampering treat but I know I would get it everywhere!

    Sarah xx