Flavrbox May 2013

Today I’m reviewing the May 2013 food box* from Flavrbox that I received at the beginning of this month.
Flavrbox is a monthly subscription box delivered to your door containing delicious food and drink from UK based award-winning food makers. The perfect gift and alternative if you want to discover a new brand not found in generic supermarkets across the country.
Flavrbox is available in Regular or Vegetarian options and costs £18 / month + £2.00 postage. Each box contains at least £18 worth of goodies, so you won’t be out of pocket. And you even have the option to receive your box every month, or once a quarter and you can cancel at any time.
Flavrbox are also promising future boxes such as Gluten-free, tea, beer & ale and chocolate. So there’s even more of a reason to try this company out and keep your eyes peeled for new releases!

Carry on to view what’s inside the May box.

Crammed with 5 full size delicious products, a ‘Meet The Makers’ leaflet and some discount codes for purchases through the producers websites! I was very impressed that there was barely any space left with all the products inside, I hate opening subscription boxes to find them half full with tissue paper/etc. My only concern was it didn’t have a sticker/tape seal on the outside of the box, which made me worried that the postman could easily get in this (no trust for my lazy postman).

Fruity Oats Gluten-Free Muesli, Alara Cereals, RRP £3.50

Alara Cereals founded in 1975 have a range of delicious and organic mueslis, granolas and porridges

Packed with a mixture of pure wholegrain oats, apricots, dates, raisins and plenty of seeds.

Food is changing so much, I had no idea there was gluten free muesli around, so I just had to dive in and try a bowl of this along with almond milk. It’s delicious, tastes pretty much the same as regular muesli, which I love! There’s plenty of dried fruity pieces, though I always tend to add more plus fresh fruits.

If you have special dietary requirements I definitely recommend you check out this brand as they cater to everyone!

Salty Caramel Popcorn, Joe & Seph’s,  RRP £4.00

Joe & Seph’s are family gourmet popcorn producers from London, they have won 8 Great Taste Awards since launching 2 years ago and have a wide range of over 30 delicious flavours of gourmet popcorn!

I’ve honestly never tasted popcorn this good. And I’ve had everything from microwave your own to Waitrose popcorn. It’s so incredibly fresh and light, like just cooked. It’s soft with flavours tantilising your taste buds, the sweetness of the caramel works wonders with the salt and it has a slight chew to it. If you want it a bit crunchier you can even pop it on a baking tray in the oven for a couple of minutes, mmm toasty popcorn!

I’ll definitely be trying more of their flavours, I’ve already looks on the website and have a few in mind for movie nights and trips to he cinema (I don’t take my own popcorn/sweets, honest)

Carnaroli Risotto Rice, Seggiano, RRP £3.50

Seggiano is named after a small hilltop village in Southern Tuscany. They first started farming organic Olivastra olives in 1985 and now have a wide range of naturally produced Italian specialities including olive and falvoured oils, pasta, rice, pesto, jams and honey. The list goes on.

I am a great lover of rice and pasta, especially risotti, you can create any dish with it so this is perfect for me, at lunch or dinner time. The pack is big so you’re going to get a few portions out of it and it has very clear preparation details on the back and inspiration on what to cook with it! I recommend chicken and some chargrilled peppers!


English Truffle Oil, Truffle Hunter, RRP £4.95

Truffle Hunter is a UK based family food business specialising in, you guessed it, truffles! Hight quality italian truffles and truffle products including truffle honey, truffle pasta and as shown what I received, truffle oil!

This is a 100% english product made with Cotswold cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil and English truffles hunted in Wiltshire and Somerset, ooharrrh! Now I’ve never had truffles before but I know they’re a delicacy much like caviar.

The truffle oil is perfect for dressing any dish from fish to steak, even pasta and salad dishes to turn them into elegant palettes!

Dried Porcini Mushroom Pieces, L’Aquila, RRP £5.95

L’Aquila are a UK food supplier of Mediterranean ingredients started in 1987. Supplying foods such as mushrooms, vegetables, sauces and pulses and cereals!

I received this bag of dried porcini mushrooms to use in any dish from soups to pasta. They’re easy to prepare, simply soak them in warm water 20 minutes before cooking. The water in which you soak it in can even be used as mushroom stock to make any dish more intense in mushroomy flavour!

Overall I was surprised with the May Flavrbox, it contained things I would have never tried myself but happily did and now know I enjoy. Is Flavrbox something you would be interested in or something that you have received before?

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