Favourite Blogs of 2013

It’s a new year and I thought it would be the perfect time to mention some of my favourite blogs from 2013. A mixture of widely known and hidden gems. I love to read blogs, I think it’s really important to give support to fellow bloggers. For me there’s nothing better than a cosy night in with the tv on, a hot chocolate in hand and reading up on some of my favourite bloggers and their exciting lives!
So here are my favourites of 2013 which I recommend you all take a look at if you haven’t already!

Best Beauty Blog: Miss Makeup Magpie
If there’s a product I want to read a review of before purchasing I’ll always go to Gemma’s blog and head to the directory or tweet her to see if it’s any good! Her writing style and images are always informative and inspiring, if you haven’t had a look at her blog I suggest you do!

Best Fashion Blog: Copper Garden
Jessica’s blog is one fashion blog I love to have a read when I’m craving a little retail therapy or looking for style inspo. She can pull off just about anything from dressing up to lounging around! I love watching her blog grow – her photos even more so, improving greatly over the months!

Best Foodie Blog: The Little Brown Book
An one-of-a-kind foodie blog from Ella, a student in London who captures her love for food in a little brown book (who’d have guessed) then blogs about it for all to discover! – Warning this blog will make your stomach rumble and mouth drool!

Best Healthy Lifestyle Blog: Nic’s Nutrition
Nic’s Nutrition is the place where I go when I need to keep away from the chocolate and pizza – her blog contains healthy recipes for all hours of the day, hints and tips on exercising, weightloss and how to calculate your food intake. If I’m stuck on something or I’ve made something I want to share I’ll give her a tweet and she’ll always reply!

Best Lifestyle Blog: Hannah Bee
Ever since I first came across Hannah’s blog I’ve been both obsessed and envious of her passion for adventure. With every post she captures stunning photos and sums up her adventure in short snappy sentences, the photos really do speak for themselves! I look forward to watching her explore Australia and inspire me even more to get out there and learn to swim :p

Best Vlog: Blog: Gemsmaquillage Youtube: Gemsmaquillage
Gemma’s blogging and vlogging keeps my spirits high when I am feeling a bit uninspired. From her hearty home posts to beauty and food recipes, I love her haul posts as she always finds a good bargain and her healthy food ideas on her Healthy Happy Life channel always inspire me, FYI baked mozzarella stick – AMAZING!

Best Photography: Pearls and Poodles
From her product photos to selfies and swatches, Milly’s photos always give me serious bloggers envy! Bright, bold and interesting it’s enough to make anyone stop and stare on her page for hours on end!

Most Imaginative Product Backgrounds: Beauty from the Fjord
Olivia has set the bar sky-high with her imaginative and inspiring backgrounds featured in her product photos. From public gardens to gorgeous harbourside views, Olivia sure knows how to pick a location which emphasises and brings out the beauty of a gorgeous product!

It was hard picking just one for each category, there are so many blogs out there I love, this post would have been a mile long had I chose to mention everyone!
Did you find some good reads this year? I’d love for you to share them with me, either leave me a comment or send me a link to your ‘favourite blogs’ post!