Etta French Jewellery Candles

The first of it’s kind in the UKEtta French is a new luxury brand that combines candles with stunning jewellery. Etta French Candles give a delicate perfume for the home, but it doesn’t stop there because every large candle contains a surprise piece of jewellery hidden inside!

Each candle is hand poured in the UK using 100% natural soy wax and a blend of essential oils. Making them free from paraffin and animal/beeswax, chemical additives, and best of all, they’re not tested on animals. Etta French Candles are presented in stunning clear or frosted glass jars, which are recycled. So once you’ve used the candle, you can reuse the jar!

Etta French Candles - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog - Etta French Candles Packaging - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog -

Etta French Candles

Etta French currently stocks two sizes of candles in their collection: The Jewellery candle is 20cl and provides you with 45-50 hours of burning and comes with a little drawstring bag to store your jewellery item once retrieved form the candle. The perk of the Jewellery candle is of course that it has a surprise hiding inside – a piece of jewellery designed and sourced from Pearl & Queenie, the older-sister company to Etta French.
There are over 100 different designs to collect which include necklaces, rings, bracelets and charms, made from semi-precious stones, silver, and silver and gold plate.
If the jewellery candle isn’t your thing then the smaller Mini Candle will be right up your street, at just 9cl is provides you with approximately 30 hours of burning.

A thoughtful, sophisticated gift for yourself or a friend which encapsulates everything you love: perfume, jewellery and the element of surprise.

Etta French Candles - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog - French Candles - Revealed - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog -

The Scents

Bluebell – A fresh, delicate scent reminiscent of woodland walks and British springtime.
Violet and Sweet Pea – Sweet and musky, it captivates the heart with it’s seductive scent.
Wisteria & Orange Blossom – Floral notes with soft, citrus scent producing perfect harmony in any home.
Pomegranate & Mint – Fresh and fruity, perfect to uplift your mood, mind, body and soul.
Rose, Saffron & Vetiver – A Romantic fragrance combining rose petals with saffron and woody earth scent of vetiver.

Etta French Candles - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog - French Candles - Owl Necklace - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog -

The Perfect Gift

It goes without saying that the Etta French Candles would make the perfect gift for any occasion, Birthday, Christmas and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Overall I am delighted with this collection and it’s one I will definitely be purchasing from in future! The packaging alone is so beautiful, a stunning pastel shade with foil detail. The candle burns smoothly, evenly and produces a stunning scent to fill the home.
It only took a few hours of burning and mostly impatiently waiting for the silver parcel to reveal itself. After carefully tweezing it out of the candle and opening in such excitement I am delighted with the item I received – a stunning necklace with Owl pendant. It was meant to be, I love owls!

Etta French Candles - Owl Necklace - Review by Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog -

It’s lovely to see such high-quality, unique products produced right on your doorstep. Etta French Jewellery Candles are priced at £37.50 each – an excellent price for such a high quality, multi-use product with a stunning keepsake jewellery item inside.

What are your thoughts on the Etta French candles? Will you be purchasing one? Don’t you think they’re completely Instagram-worthy?! Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in purchasing Etta French Candles for a loved one or even just yourself, readers can use this code for 10% off throughout July. Simply use the code ETTABLOGJUL16 at the checkout!

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*I was kindly gifted the Etta French range in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own - Prize of One Etta French Jewellery Candle provided and shipped by Etta French
  • julie kenny

    The violet and sweetpea sounds lovely x x

  • Ellis Woolley

    Loved this post! Your necklace is so cute, such a great opportunity to work with Etta French – I’ll definitely be visiting them again too!

  • DippyWrites

    This candle looks gorgeous, and the jewellery is really pretty too!

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I would choose the Violet & Sweetpea – Jewellery Candle as a treat for myself as I adore the smell of sweetpeas – they are so pretty too! Thank you!

  • Kim Styles

    I love the Wisteria & Orange Blossom – Jewellery Candle and would definately keep it for myself!

  • laura banks

    the violet and sweetpea i would keep for myself

  • Laura Nice

    Violet & Sweetie sounds like a dream!!

  • cheryl hadfield

    violet and sweetpea for myself

  • Emily H

    I really like the idea of a surprise gift inside a candle 🙂

    I would like the wisteria and orange blossom for my mother or perhaps the pomegranate and mint for me 😀

  • Alica

    Pomegranate & Mint sounds amazing and I would keep it for myself 🙂

  • Jo McPherson

    It’s so hard to choose, they all sound so lovely ! But I think it would be the Violet and Sweetpea, two of my most favourite smells. I would love it for myself.

  • sunshine

    Violet and sweetpea bet that smells amazing

  • Natalie Crossan

    I love the Wisteria & Orange Blossom – Jewellery Candle xx