Eating Out in Prague

If you’re heading to Prague, you’re going to want to go on an empty stomach and make the most of the vast array of eateries, bars, restaurants and food stalls this city has to offer. When asked what I travel for, the top answer is for culture and quickly followed by food. There is nothing I love more than experiencing local cuisine and trying new and delicious meals. I don’t eat out much at home so when I head on a trip away, eating out is something I just cannot wait to do!

Kotleta Restaurant, Prague - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Kotleta Restaurant, Prague - Pork pate and toast - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

homemade roasted pork belly pate, served with fried sourdough bread, onion marmelade and spicy pickle salad

Kotleta Restaurant, Prague - Beef cheeks and potatoes - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Beef cheeks slow braised with root vegetables, Moravian red wine and fresh herbs, served with potato purée

Kotleta Restaurant, Prague - Pork and Dumplings - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Roasted garlic and cumin pork belly and shoulder, served with braised red cabbage, homemade bun and potato dumplings

Czech Pub Grub

For traditional Czech pub food and a casual surrounding, head to Kotleta Restaurant and Bar.
We were thankful this restaurant was a stones throw from our apartment when we arrived in Prague to find snow covering the ground. We just weren’t up for the walk into the centre until the next morning so we popped into Kotleta, tummies rumbling and feasted on various dishes.
You’ll find the best restaurants and bars are where the locals hang out and this place didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere is relaxed, drinks flowing and sports being watched on the TV’s at the bar.

For starters, you’ll definitely want to try Old Prague goulash and potato soup. A real thick meaty soup, so rich in flavour you’ll be left with a very warm stomach.
For mains, try the slow braised beef cheeks with root vegetables. The sauce is made with Moravian red wine and served on a bed of the creamiest potato purée you’ll ever eat!

Creperie U Kajetána, Prague - Apple Strudel Crepes - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog - U Kajetána, Prague - Raspberry Tredalnik - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Looking for breakfast?

Fuel your sweet tooth craving at any cafe but I highly recommend the three below if you’re a lover of great coffee and pastries!

Creperie U Kajetána offers pancakes of savoury and sweet kinds, trdelnik with various fillings and much more. But what you really want is an espresso! Their coffee beans are produced locally too so you’re supporting a small business and enjoying a super strong coffee. Win, win.
Staying for food? Try the chimney cake with raspberry and cream. A hidden layer of raspberry conserve inside will surprise you. Don’t leave without devouring a plate of their apple strudel crepes. Served stuffed with cooked apple, walnuts and lashings of cream and brown sugar. Divine.

Next up, Den Noc. Rated highly on TripAdvisor, we couldn’t not go. You may have to wait as there will probably be a queue outside, this tiny little nook-like cafe serves up fluffy american style pancakes (savoury and sweet toppings), fresh juices and a damned good latte.
Don’t leave without trying their sweet pancakes with Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, cooked apple and crushed nuts. It’s like a reinvented strudel, only better!

Finally, hop over the river for a kitsch cafe breakfast with beautiful views, Bella Vida Cafe. The interior screams flea market, habdash everywhere and plenty of books if you did fancy spending the morning over a pot of tea. You’ll find anything you need to start your day right but don’t leave without trying the English Breakfast, served with mini Bavarian sausages, utterly delicious by the way. Fancy something a little healthier? Try the muesli bowl, piled with yoghurt, fresh berries, banana, coconut, almond and acai. Basically Instagram-worthy breakfast bowl.

If you’re too busy to have a sit down lunch or simply fancied grabbing something to go as you explore the city, there are plenty of take out options available.

Look out for the many street vendors and food market areas across the Capital offering fresh juices, hot dogs, slow roasted pork sandwiches, ice-creams, trdelnik – chimney cake filled with a layer of chocohazelnut spread (you know the one). You could probably do breakfast, lunch and dinner at the food markets across the city and they’re so cheap too. Something to think about for my next visit.

Palanda Restaurant, Prague - Spicy Brie Burger - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog - Restaurant, Prague - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

Czech Beer, Prague - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -


Nightlife in Prague

The nightlife in Prague is one of the best I’ve ever experienced in Europe. Restaurants and bars come to life and the people of the city are welcoming and merry. If you want to be a local, head to a pub serving up Pilsner from the local area. Many of the pubs also have their own micro-breweries. Get catting to the bar staff and ask them to recommend the best local beers to try.

For beers and burgers, head to Palanda Cafe. This again, located so close to our apartment that we couldn’t resist popping in for a chilled evening. Having a couple of pints of Pilsner and eating some delicious burgers. Palanda Cafe can get pretty busy, the atmosphere is great and has a real homely feel.

Don’t leave without trying the Spicy Brie Burger – locally sourced Czech pied beef, brie, chilli sauce, grilled Italian sausage and salad.

Perfect if feet are getting tired after a long day of sight-seeing, in Central is Pivovar Narodni. Head here to check out their in house brewing facilities. Chat to the staff and discover plenty of local drinks. The menu is large with a variety of different micro-breweries involved. If you fancy a bite to eat, there’s also a food menu with plenty of local and global dishes and nibbles!

Head out of the centre and experience a real old town Prague pub. With dark corridors and covering three floors, reminding me a lot of The Leaky Cauldron. Head down to the basement of my favourite bar, Zly Casy. A great watering hole if you want to tick off many micro-brewed beers and Pilsner. You can even purchase bottled beers to take home (or to your hotel room).

Bella Vida Cafe, Prague - Peaches and Bear Adventure Travel and Food Blog -

There are so many more places that deserve a mention but I won’t spoilt it for you. Book your trip to Prague and see what foodie experienced you will have. You won’t regret it!

Have you visited Prague or is Prague on your travel bucketlist? Let me know in the comments below!