East Meets West: Asian Beauty | Guest Post by Luxamundi

Today we have Elina from Luxamundi guest posting and the topic is Asian beauty. Elina is a freshfaced beauty blogging new to the blogosphere so lets welcome her with open arms! I for one am excited to learn something new 🙂

I wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely Tamsyn for asking me to guest post on her blog, I feel really honoured to be featuring here!
Anyway, I wanted to talk about a beauty topic that is close to my heart, which is Asian beauty, specifically products and trends that come to us from Korea and Japan. As someone who comes from a Chinese background, Asian trends have always been interesting to me but it’s only as I’ve gotten older that beauty has come to the fore and I’ve been paying attention.

I’m not the only one though who notices. Brands across the west sit up, make notes and produce their own versions that are more catered to the Western sensibilities.

I am really happy that the attitude towards skincare from Asia has come across here. There still is a difference in the way we approach makeup, but the importance of good skin has translated across the cultural divide. Double cleansing, oils, and sheet masks, these things which we now factor more regularly into our routines, have been a standard in Korea and Japan for years. Since these things are a norm there, more advanced technology, new ingredients and delivery systems have been introduced. Oils? They’ve moved onto jelly oils and mist oils. Spritzing toners? That’s your pre-moisturising; you need to get yourself an essence for after you spritz. Asian beauty is never ready to sit on its laurels; there’s always time and constant strive to create the next best thing. Over here, we have to sit tight and wait until someone makes a version for us, or try our darned best to get our hands of the good stuff.

So, which brands and things should we be trying to get? Well we’re not completely ‘dry’ over here. We do have access to some brands, but more from the premium side of things. I remember celebrating when Cult Beauty started stocking Mizon. We just don’t have access to the other budget brands that compete with the top-end in Korea and Japan (makes me wish there was a ‘Koreatown’ in London!), which is a shame because products from the lower end are just as high-tech. Of the brands that have got physical store presence here, you should take a look at the following:

Suqqu: if you’ve watched Lisa Eldridge, you’ll have heard of Suqqu. You will then have looked at how much their brushes are, and had a mini heart attack. Save your money, because….

RMK: Their brushes are amazing. If you don’t want to hand over £100 for a Suqqu brush, then head here. When I was in Selfridges and bought their blush brush, they asked if the Suqqu counter had directed me there. Apparently, if Suqqu is out of stock, they send you to RMK, so make of that what you will. Their brushes are softer than soft, and with good care, will last you years.

Shu Uemura: everyone (but me) swears by their eyelash curlers but you’ll be surprised by how good their foundations are, and their skincare isn’t to be sniffed at.

Now for brands I think you should be looking at, but are much harder, if nigh impossible to find in the UK. If you someone you know is going to that part of the world, then beg or bribe them to pick some stuff up for you! Also, across the pond in the US, they have a lot more access to J and K Beauty, so hit up some of the stores there if you can; buying from the source is cheaper, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Missha: Their Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence is a beauty staple for me. It’s often compared to the SKII Facial Treatment Essence that Cate Blanchett swears by, but at a fraction of the price. They also do some ampoules (more concentrated versions of serums), all at fantastic value.

Heroine Make by Isehan: Yes it’s an odd name, but their mascaras are simply amazing. You’ll have seen raves of the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen, which I actually don’t like that much. Instead, I swear by the Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara, and the Make Volume and Curl. These are super waterproof. I’ve bawled my eyes out to films in this, sobbed my way through onion cutting, and they do not move whatsoever, and keep my lashes gravity-defiant. They’re lightweight and not as thickening, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more reliable mascara. I paid £12 for each from Japan, and frankly, they outclass all other high-end mascaras I’ve ever used.

Other Brands: All of them? Joking, there’s too many. Ones I think you should try are Laneige, Etude House, and the Ceramidin line of Dr Jart, which is brilliant for winter months. There are plenty more, but these are the ones that pop to mind.

In all honesty, you’ll be hard-pressed to find bad products, they’re all great quality and suited to different budgets. If you have any suggestions, or just want to talk Asian beauty, then please do drop me a line, I’m always more than happy to chat about it anytime!

Thank you once again to Tamsyn for letting me guest post here, hope I’ve converted you to Asian beauty if you hadn’t already!

A big thank you to Elina for contributing to this weeks guest post. It was great reading about Asian beauty brands. What did you think, could you be converted to Asian Beauty brands?
If you aren’t following Elina, head over to her blog now and make sure you’re up to date with her Twitter and Instagram!

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