Office Craft Room Wishlist

I’m moving! Or at least very close to. There’s only so long you can live in a one bed house with very little space before going insane and craving an extra room to make your very own craft room X home office. I’ve fantasised about having a sweet homely and well kitted out craft room mixed with office (or place to blog) for many moons so of course, a wishlist had to be curated with all of my favourites.

Working and blogging from home can be challenging – I find it impossible to keep focus and motivated so I started to think about what sort of craft room X home office I would like, filling it with positive energy and personal touches to give motivation and inspiration.

Home Office Wishlist


The stunning EZ View Desk from The Original Scrapbox is perfect for every crafter! A nice heavy duty desk with clear top to display and have easy access to the contents, teamed with filing cabinets and removable Velcro compartments for smaller goods. This desk would store all my yarn, needles and even watercolour sets beautifully!

A sofa bed has always appealed to me more than a single bed in a spare bedroom. How often do you have guests? It’s far more practical to use space for something you yourself will use and can easily transform into accommodation when needed. This 3 Seater Sofa transforms into a comfy bed so easily, perfect for relaxing on to read a book or knit!

I am all for anything upcycled. Natural, unfinished and reclaimed wood, pieced together to create a beautiful piece of furniture. My favourite! And these shelf ladders are so cool, I love how the shelves create a great dimension propped against a wall.

As much as I live on my laptop, it’s nice to have copies of work written down – the Blogger Mail/Sponsored Content pads from That Lame Company is perfect for keeping up-to-date with collaborations and deadlines!

I absolutely love quirky shelves and this one is exactly what I’m after. A diamond shaped rustic wooden shelf for storing my small and still growing collection of crystals and precious stones! My crystal really do give me energy and motivate me to work more, so they need somewhere to live and be on display as I am so proud of them.

Skandinavisk has fast become my favourite candle producer. A true Scandinavian company these candles scream  hygge! Koto means cosy at home – so of course this would be perfect lit on a cold Winters evening.

Terrariums and indoor plants have become so popular in recent years. Bringing the outdoors into your home can give boosts of energy and reduce anxiety, something I definitely need when blogging. I love the idea of hanging plants, they fill spaces we rarely think to use and are perfect for small rooms. This glass hanging terrarium is gorgeous and a must on my office wishlist!

There’s so much more I need to think about, however that will wait until I move. Until then, I’ll just lust over these items and carry on working from my sofa!

I’d love to know if you have a home office or spare room you’ve transformed into a hub for blogging or your other hobbies! Let me know!

  • Louise Smith

    I love all the things you’ve picked out. I don’t have an office for working in and it can be a nightmare trying to work from other parts of the house. They don’t really scream ‘I need to get this done’, but more ‘Come sit down and relax’. I definitely need to get myself somewhere converted for me to work in 🙂

    Louise x

  • Very nice choice! im obsessed with the trinket shelf, its so cute.


  • Abi Street

    I love some of your picks – especially the shelves x

    Abi | abistreetx