Cosy Winter Nights | BigBlogmasProject2014

I mention it a lot when the battle of the seasons commences in conversation. I am a massive Winter lover! Okay so I just spent two weeks on the blissful island of Mauritius where we had just two days of rain but I still can’t think of anything better than a cosy night in, especially during the Winter months. Enjoying winter scents, winter drinks, hearty food and cuddling up under your biggest blankets! Here’s just a few ideas on how I enjoy my winter nights when I’m not being dragged out of the house by work or seeing friends.

Light your favourite candle to create the cosiest sweet scent in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom…

Run a hot bath, break up a bubble bar or drop a bath bomb in. Enjoy a thick replenishing face mask. Get your favourite hair mask. Relax and enjoy some of your favourite beauty and skincare products. Really just pamper yourself…

The perfect excuse when you’re spending a night in… Put on your favourite pyjamas, who cares if they’re childish. If they make you smile and feel good, that’s all that matters…

Grab you favourite selection of movies, Christmas themed or not and take your pick of which to watch first…

Or if you feel like it just enjoy a bit of hobby and craft time cuddled up on the sofa (or more often than not in my case, bed) with your favourite throw blanket.

How do you enjoy your cosy winter nights when you’re not out and about? I’d also love to know if you’re a Winter or Summer person so let me know!

  • Love this post, makes me want to have a pamper night!
    I’m definitely a Winter person 🙂
    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

  • Loving this! Can’t beat a pamper night!! x

    Kate | kateemmaloves.

  • The black coconut candle sounds amazing and how cute are those bambi jimjams xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  • Leah.

    this looks likes the perfect night in!
    I am loving the Harry Potter box set at moment.
    And those Bambi slipper just top the whole thing off!

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke.