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You know what, I actually no longer own a Christmas jumper. Waah! And I didn’t think to buy one this year, what a silly sausage! So I’ve made up a little list of the ones I think are super cute! Lucky you if you have one from this list!

Nothing beats a good Elf quote like this Santa’s Coming Christmas Jumper from!

I just love the embroidery on the front of this Turtle Doves Jumper from Topshop.

Who doesn’t love a thick and comfortable jumper to wrap up in like this Highland Christmas Jumper. I just love the print!

This Sequin Santa Jumper from New Look is adorable.

Another favourite quote, this time from Frozen with this Olaf Jumper. Need I say more?


Seeing as I don’t have a Christmas jumper I thought I’d share my fiancés and his mates! Every year they do a cringe Christmas jumper night out and I think this year they all looked hilarious! My fiancé is in the blue jumper, Santa being eaten by a shark! (Yes he really his that small). I think the winner had to be Phils, a reindeer stuck on the front of his jumper! Probably uncomfortable to wear but apparently everyone wanted a picture with him that night :’D

I’d love to see your Christmas jumper so if you share it on your blog, twitter or Instagram, let me know in the comments below!

  • I’ve never bought a Christmas jumper, but have always wanted to. They look great! I especially love the Elf quote! 😀

    Merry Christmas,


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