Books: Diet Doodle Diary

I rarely venture into TK Maxx and when I do it is even more rare that I leave having purchased something. But when my eyes met with this sweet little journal, Diet Doodle Diary, I knew I couldn’t leave it there and just had to buy it for only a couple of pounds (bargain!)

I have loved journals and the novelty of them since childhood, I can even remember my first one, which I still own and treasure to this day. There’s something fun about documenting things and looking back on it in years to come, and with a memory like mine I need all the journals I can get!

discreet illustrated cover, perfect for public use!

The Diet Doodle Diary is the perfect companion for if you want to lose weight and stay healthy, keep track of both exercise and the food you eat over a double page planner for 30 weeks running. Every page is different with inspiring and amusing illustrations so you’ll never get bored! Containing tips on staying positive and inspiration for personal goals from six successful slimmers, you know you’re getting genuine advise and support with this!
The cover sleeve can even be removed to show this ever so discreet and beautifully illustrated blue cover, perfect for on the go or to keep the journal to yourself. No one will ever know it’s a diet diary!

After a flick through I can genuinely say that I will be using this daily and will be motivated to see it through to the last page. I would recommend this to anyone who wants the motivation to diet, eat healthier or even just exercise more! In fact, even if you just like the novelty of these sorts of journals, it’s a great buy!

Diet Doodle Diary can be purchased from Amazon, just click here.

What do you think of this little diary? Would you be motivated enough to track your every mouthful and be honest about it?

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