Blog ‘Business’ Cards

When I attended my first Bloggers Meet last month and saw all my fellow bloggers exchanging cards with eachother I felt a little sad that I didn’t possess any cards to hand out and exchange with others! I was pretty new to the blog scene and felt as though I didn’t have enough experience to be worthy of having a professional styled card to hand out to others but now that my blog is getting stronger and I’m feeling more passionate than ever about carrying on with it I decided to hunt online for a good deal and get a pack ready for the Bloggers Meets I will be attending over the next month (and for when I’m out and about with friends and extended friends).

I remembered that I had an amazing discount from a craft magazine that I used to subscribe to, I didn’t think it would still be valid but I was in luck! I managed to get 100 minicards from for free, all I had to pay for was the postage and VAT a small fee of £3.90!
The minicards are half the width of the regular business cards and are matte-laminated for a professional finish. They come with a small watermark on the front corner which isn’t a problem to me but may be to someone more professional.





Sorry for the rubbish photos! My camera battery is charging ready to take photos tomorrow, I’m sure you get the drift of them!
The online experience with designing the cards was pretty simple to do. Simply uploading a photo onto one side and then inputting your details and an extra image if you like, to the other.
The process took just two days from designing the cards to receiving them this morning so I am super impressed!
I will definitely be purchasing again if/when these little beauties run out.