The Best Travel Destinations For Casinos

So over recent months I’ve become quite fond online Casinos. They’re pretty fun with a variety of games such as slots, card games and even scratch cards. You don’t have to blow a serious amount of money, and I certainly don’t. I used to play UK and Euro lottery but most over the course of a year only won around £25 – nothing really considering I’d buy a ticket most weeks. Online sites like are a great alternative and the chances of winning are much higher – not to mention more fun than watching some balls jump around!

It’s not just online though, many opt to combine a holiday with occasional gambling. Heading to a hot destination that’s also well-known for casinos. It’s got me thinking myself a lot, a casino-themed holiday is on my bucketlist, how about yours? Where should you go if it is? Well here are a few places worth visiting:

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1. Las Vegas (United States)

It comes as no surprise that this is the number one destination for any casino-themed holiday! The Strip in Las Vegas is famed for its neon-lit casinos, famous landmarks, and themed rides. Even if you’re not a gambler, Las Vegas is still a great place to visit.

2. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

You don’t have to be a millionaire to visit a casino in Monte Carlo. It’s also a destination that is fairly quick to reach from the UK. There is plenty to see and do here apart from gambling. But, if you get bored of sightseeing, you could always have a flutter on Maria Casino while you’re out!

3. St. Martin (Caribbean)

Another popular Caribbean destination to add to your shortlist is St. Martin. It’s a small island shared jointly with the Netherlands and France. The Dutch side of the island has a plethora of glittering casinos to visit. Tip: if you’re heading to the beach, don’t get too close to the planes landing at the airport!

4. Sun City (South Africa)

Many people don’t realise that South Africa is a popular destination for gamblers everywhere! In particular, Sun City. It’s a sprawling complex of hotels, restaurants, and casinos. And it’s just a couple of hours away from Johannesburg.

Macau Holiday Destinations with Casinos - Peaches and Bear Lifestyle and Travel Blog -

5. Macau (China)

Last, but not least, there is the former colonial city of Macau in China. Evidence of its Portuguese past is abundant wherever you go. But, let’s face it, the main reason to visit is for the Vegas-style casinos there!

Is a holiday with casinos on your bucketlist? I’d love to know if you’ve visited any of these places so why not leave a comment below

Next week I’ll have a post on how I make extra cash online, I hope you’ll get some great tips from that 🙂