A little about Peaches and Bear

Peaches and Bear is a lifestyle and travel blog with a twist. A mish-mash, if you will, of lifestyle posts from days out guides, recipes and restaurant reviews to talking about women’s health and mental health. The travel aspect, exploring the UK for the best staycations and heading abroad for adventures a little more exotic!
I started Peaches and Bear because I wanted to share my interests with the online community and meet other bloggers along the way. This blog contains all of my passions, hobbies, thoughts and feelings. I lay everything out on the table with this blog because that’s what my readers love to see. Honesty and adventures.

A little bit about the Author

Run by yours truly, Tamsyn Elizabeth. A 26 years old and coming from a small seaside town, Weymouth in Dorset.
My main passions are travel, food and photography. I love the great outdoors, exploring on foot and on my beautiful Downhill Mountain Bike!
Every day is different for me. Whether I’m at work or out taking photos of the wildlife or even reviewing a hotel. I live for this blog, it makes me so happy. It gives me a sense of achievement with every post I hit ‘publish’ on. My only aim with Peaches and Bear is to share every experience with my readers, and to be honest about it.

My favourite posts

Over the years I’ve seen so much improvement in my blog. I skim over past posts and I absolutely love the direction I’m going in. So here are fourĀ of my favourite posts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…
A hotel and restaurant review: Burley Manor, New Forest
A travel tip guide: Hand-luggage Tips and Packing Light
A product review: Earlybird Snack Box
A recipe: French Toast For One

Want to work with Peaches and Bear?

I’m always up for working with new and exciting brands and blogs that fit the style and theme of my blog and the interests of my readers. I offer a variety of way to collaborate with brands, some examples are: Hosting a giveaway of your product, reviewing your product, reviewing your hotel/restaurant/venue.
I also offer sponsored/paid for posts, these must fit the theme and style of my blog and interests of my readers. I am more than happy to discuss T&C’s for any of the above via email.
I have an up-to-date media kit available at your request, this contains all relevant information from web views to social media followings. If you’d like to collaborate please feel free to check out the Contact page.


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