About Peaches and Bear

A little about me.
I’m Tamsyn-Elizabeth, 24 years old from Weymouth, Dorset currently living with my fiancé Shehzad in Surrey/London.
My main passions in life are crafting, fitness, travel and food! I also love all things to do with nature, astronomy and I care about the conservation of animals. My main personal challenges are to stay positive, smile and make new friends!

A little about Peaches and Bear.

My blog is a mish-mashed collection of all things that I enjoy; fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle with a few personal posts, such as this in-between.

I first created this blog as a place to escape and stay occupied during unemployment. I enjoy writing and I suffer from shyness, anxiety and find social situations uncomfortable so when I discovered blogging I decided it would be perfect for keeping busy as I overcome these irritating obstacles.

I have started a few little personal post projects/challenges to complete, 25 things before 25 and I would love for you to follow me along in this journey.

The main things I want to achieve through blogging are my writing and photography skills and the potential to meet fellow bloggers and make a few friends with similar interests.


I’m a PR friendly blog, any questions or general chit-chat can be sent to tamsynelizabeth@hotmail.co.uk

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walking my Yorkshire Terrier, Milly along Weymouth Beach