The 5 Best Things In Italy

Italy is such a beautiful country that has been on my travel list for quite some time and luckily, I got to visit Italy a couple of months ago. But before I (finally) share my adventure with you, I wanted to talk about the best things Italy has to offer. Reachable in less than two hours from the UK, Italy makes an excellent choice for a quick getaway or a longer break. Read on to find out about the wonderful things you can look forward to when you visit.

The Weather

Firstly let’s think about the weather. Italy is a relatively large country, so the weather isn’t the same all over. However, there are plenty of places where the weather gets pretty hot during the summer. How else would the grapes and olives grow? This makes it such a good choice for a break as you can bask in the sun and enjoy the scenery without fear of getting rained on at any minute.

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The History

Italy is such a beautiful country as it is steeped in history. The towns and cities are full of stunning and picturesque architecture. A historical highlight you shouldn’t miss include Juliet’s balcony in Verona, don’t forget to rub her statue for luck in love. Then there’s the amazing Vatican City, a principality in itself. Watch out for the guards as their uniforms were believed to have been designed by the artist Michelangelo, talk about high fashion. Then, of course, there’s the beautiful and historic city of Venice. Catch a boat ride across the lagoon for the most impressive views as you approach the city. You also get to check out the eerie, abandoned family piles sitting on tiny islands dotted throughout the in the lagoon. Then when you arrive, you must visit the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs and don’t forget a gondola ride!

The Outdoor Life

Dues to its mostly temperate climate, the Italians favor a more alfresco life that us Britons can only dream about. Outdoor sports are super popular including sailing and windsurfing. City dwellers often head for Lake Garda on their weekends to make the most of the sun and fresh air. Even if you are in the city, you can enjoy your meal outside or head down to the open air bars for a post dinner coffee and then perhaps a few drinks.

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The Coffee

Talking of coffee, the Italians are famed for it. Be aware that they take their coffee very seriously. In which other country is an espresso and a cigarette and acceptable breakfast? Make sure you enjoy some of their delicious coffee while you are over there. Combine with one of Italy’s most favourite pastimes – people watching.

If your trip to Italy, leaves you yearning for good coffee, invest in a swanky coffee machine to recreate the experience. If that is a bit out of your price range, then go for the hario v60, which will allow you to make a single cup of real coffee without a coffee machine.

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The Food

Last but not least, the food is Italy is like nothing on Earth. Italians do not tolerate poor quality food. Not in their restaurants, not in their cafes and not even in their service stations! In fact, you can get a fantastic risotto at an Italian service station; that will supersede anything you’ve had in good old blighty! True Story!

Have you visited Italy? What is your favourite thing about it and your Number One place you’d recommend a reader to visit?

  • I have never been to Italy and this has made me want to go even more!!!

    Emma Inks

    • You really must! It was my first time this year and I absolutely loved it!

  • Italy is a place i’d love to travel, looks absolutely lovely especially the food and that building!

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

    • It really is stunning and there are so many places to eat! You’d never get bored or lack delicious food 😀

  • Lolita “Lolitambonita” Bonita

    Love this post I completely fell in love with Italy. The food is AH-mazing! And all of the history and open excuvation is incredible! X
    Lola Mia //