25 before 25

I originally posted this list back in February, since then so much has happened, my aspirations and dreams have changed and I recently turned 23 so I thought I’d update the list and make it more appropriate to what I’m feeling now. This is different to my Bucketlist, which is a list of things I would like to do before I die. I have adapted that list, shortened it down a lot and added some more personal ones to make this one.

I will be adding progress links to this post as and when they happen, so here goes.

Here’s my list of 25 things before twenty-five:

1) Learn to swim

2) Learn to drive

3) Take a Nail course of some sort – Worked in a nail bar, that’s enough for me!

4) Do more sewing ongoing – still sewing bits and pieces together

5) Make my own quilted blanket and other home items ongoing – still making blankets!

6) Learn to make bread from scratch

7) Get baking – One homemade bake a week/month

8) Get cooking – One homemade dish a week

9) Start selling my crafts online  Selling online via Etsy

10) Lose weight and keep fit – ongoing

11) Grow my hair long again (and keep it long!)  no heat products since July 2014!

12) Overcome my fear of eating in public Sometime in 2012!

13) Make some friends/a friendship group Amazing friends!

14) Make some blogger friends in/around London

15) Get my dream job

16) Get my own flat/house

17) Buy a DSLR camera and studio tent purchased Canon 600D March 2014!

18) Buy a bicycle and ride it every day

19)  Go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour 12/10/12 – posts here & here!

20) Go on a trip to Florida two weeks in September 2015!

21) Go on a trip to Australia

22) Go to the Lake District

23) Go on a camping holiday

24) Go on a Big Cat/Zoo Keeper experience day

25) See Beyoncé perform live 01/05/13 and 04/03/14!

  • Mel

    Cool list 🙂 Harry Potter studio tour is amazing!