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So my 25th Birthday has been and gone (last month, if you weren’t aware). Way back in 2013 I set myself a 25 Before 25 list to achieve by my 25th Birthday. Did I achieve them? Well personally I think I did preeetty well considering my lack of motivation and main focus towards work rather than play over the last year. So here’s everything I managed to achieve from the list 🙂

What I achieved (and didn’t) from my 25 Before 25 list…

  1. Learn to swim – this was top of my list and after just a few lessons and a lot of coaxing myself into the deep end I pretty much achieved it. So I may not be the strongest but I get the gist of it and it really did help me on two Beach holidays!
  2. Take a nail course – this is an oldie. I actually ended up working in a nail bar and for Models Own for 6 months so got very familiar with all sorts of nail art. Note: I have no time for it anymore.
  3. Make my own quilted blanket – Not so much quilted but I got seriously into crocheting last year so much so that I made myself a gorgeous patchwork blanket
  4. Make one homemade dish a week – One thing I really slacked at was cooking a full meal at home from scratch. I relied heavily on ready meals and cereal or toast for dinner. Pretty uncool. But since investing in a slow cooker and soup maker I’m super happy with all the delicious meals I’ve been creating from vegetable curry to potato and leek soup!
  5. Sell my crafts online – My plan was to set up an Etsy to sell my crochet creations but work somewhat took over. However I started selling to close friends and colleagues and now I am thinking about adding an Etsy into the mix for 2016!
  6. Lose weight and keep fit – An ongoing progress but one thing I really wanted was to tone my bum and thighs. Two areas I really struggled to love. I am not the gym kind of girl. I absolutely hate exercise unless it involved something fun and outdoorsy but believe it or not I really enjoy the cross trainer and weighted squats!
  7. Grow my hair long and keep it long – If there was one thing I really regretted, it was cutting my hair too short. And by too short I mean THAT Rhianna/Victoria Beckham asymmetric boy-cut. Since then, 2012 to be precise I have wanted my hair to be long and floaty again. In 2014 I took using heat out of my styling regime and started using Coconut Oil as a leave in treatment once a week. I reintroduced using a blow dryer but on a cool setting in 2015, simply because my hair was taking half a day to dry. Since then my hair has grown so much. It currently sits just about my belly button/half way down my back. I couldn’t be happier. My next aim is down to my hips!
  8. Overcome my fear of eating in public – Eating in public and even eating in front of people was something I struggled with since I was a child. And something my mum and even doctors couldn’t really understand or help me with. It was only when I was 21-22 that I realised how underweight and unhealthy it was to be this way. It took years of support and willpower to get out and eat even the smallest meal in front of someone. I still have bad days, as everyone does I’m sure, but knowing if I wanted to I could pop out for a bite to eat or even a coffee really does make my day.
  9. Make some friends – One of the biggest things affecting my life at the time was making friends. With my social anxiety putting me at rock bottom I rarely left the house and once moved to London I didn’t really know anyone. However, I stepped out of my comfort zone and with the blog managed to meet a few incredible people and make a lot of friends. Bringing me to my next point…
  10. Make some blogging friends – Yep. The close bond I have with even just a handful of blogging girls makes me so happy. It feels like we’ve known eachother for years!
  11. Get my dream job – After two years of slaving in a role of the company that I absolutely hated. I managed to progress. So it may not be the dream job after all but I am so happy with it and know it will open many doors for me in this company and indeed others.
  12. Buy a DSLR camera – One of the things I really missed about college all those 9 years ago was photography and it’s something I wanted to get back into for a while. So I dived into the deep end and treated myself to a Canon 600D and I love it. I’ve even added a few lenses to the kit for outdoor and wildlife photography. I also recently received a GoPro Hero+ Session for my Birthday so I’m really looking forward to getting out and about with both cameras and capturing beautiful things.
  13. Go to Harry Potter Studio Tour – I have been not once, but twice since writing this list. And gosh darn, do I love it so much which leads me to my next HP themed item to tick off the list…
  14. Go to Florida – Yes! Back in September I headed to Florida for two weeks of sun, sand and theme parks. Disney, Harry Potter, rollercoasters and waterparks! I had the time of my life and couldn’t fault it. I loved it so much I am already planning my next trip back for 3 weeks of fun!
  15. See Beyonce live – I’ve wanted to see Beyonce live for many many years and finally in 2013 and 2014 I managed to do just that at two sets of her World Tour seeing her in London’s O2 Arena. Honestly, it was the most moving concert and I bawled my eyes out at times. For a girl heavily influenced by Rock and Heavy Metal, Beyonce has got me through some pretty hard times.

You can read my 30 Before 30 list here.. Who knows maybe I’ll achieve all 30 over the next 5 years!

Have you been enticed to challenge yourself with a 25 Before 25 list? I’d love to know so send me a link to your post or comment below with one thing you’d like to achieve by your next Birthday!

  • Alice Grace

    You achieved some amazing things, especially getting over your fear of eating in public! You’ve definitely inspired me to write a list of things I’d like to achieve before turning 26!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • lolaandbehold

    You did good TamTam! Look foward to reading your 30 before 30!


  • I’m inspired to do a 23 before 23 now! I have nine months until my 23rd birthday and you’ve got me thinking now!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  • Laila

    Wow you really achieved so many things, and they’re really impressive! Well done. Good luck with your new goals!