Friday, 30 October 2015

5 Things This Week | Life

Hey everyone! I am back. It's been a long time and so much has happened, I'll probably go into depth at some point. However until then I thought I'd ease myself back into this with a little update of my week and the first in my Feel Good Friday feature. I've been thinking of new ways I can incorporate some positive thinking and share more life posts with you all and thought some Feel Good Friday posts would be great. I'm not sure how far I'll go with this, but this week I thought It would be nice just to do a small update of the things that have made me happy this week :D
My last full week in my current job
Yes. This has been the longest working week of my life. Probably worse than waiting for a holiday. I've been so impatient but I'm so happy to say that next week I will be training to work in a completely different role in the company. Half excited, half completely terrified! More to come on this at a later date :)

THAT episode of The Walking Dead
Picture this: I was at work on Monday evening, minding my own business casually scrolling through Twitter when someone tweets the most blatant spoiler to ruin the whole episode for anyone not watching in real time.
One word. LIVID. I had to tweet my frustration.
I did end up watching the episode and the persons tweet was correct to the episode. However, I do have my own theory on what has happened and I think a few others probably have the same if they're smart. No spoilers here. If you want to discuss, tweet me ;)

Catching up with friends
I've been feeling so overworked lately. It's been so refreshing to be around friendly faces and to talk about things other than, er, work. Okay the weirdest yet most delightful moment was probably a first meet with a person I have been in contact with for such a long time. Years in fact. Wandering around London and generally having a giggle at everything. More times like this needed.

The Martian at the cinema
A spur of the moment thing. As Madame Tussauds was so busy we decided to head to the cinema and watch The Martian. It took us long enough to find one in central London with a showing on a Wednesday afternoon, sort it out guys. I've been out of the loop with movie releases (except for Star Wars, obviously) so it was really good to watch a new film. Sci-Fi and centered around Matt Damon, you can't go wrong really.

THOSE Drake memes
Yep. They really have been a highlight for me this week. If you haven't seen them, where have you been? Under a rock? Sharing them back and forth has put me in hysterics so massive kudos to all of the smart arses behind those. Just go through the #HotlineBling hashtag (or look through my Twitter, I've probably RT'd them all) when you get a chance, you will not regret - except if you're like me and literally spend your whole lunch break creasing.

What has been your highlight of this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

East Meets West: Asian Beauty | Guest Post by Luxamundi

Today we have Elina from Luxamundi guest posting and the topic is Asian beauty. Elina is a freshfaced beauty blogging new to the blogosphere so lets welcome her with open arms! I for one am excited to learn something new :)

I wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely Tamsyn for asking me to guest post on her blog, I feel really honoured to be featuring here!
Anyway, I wanted to talk about a beauty topic that is close to my heart, which is Asian beauty, specifically products and trends that come to us from Korea and Japan. As someone who comes from a Chinese background, Asian trends have always been interesting to me but it’s only as I’ve gotten older that beauty has come to the fore and I’ve been paying attention.

I’m not the only one though who notices. Brands across the west sit up, make notes and produce their own versions that are more catered to the Western sensibilities.

I am really happy that the attitude towards skincare from Asia has come across here. There still is a difference in the way we approach makeup, but the importance of good skin has translated across the cultural divide. Double cleansing, oils, and sheet masks, these things which we now factor more regularly into our routines, have been a standard in Korea and Japan for years. Since these things are a norm there, more advanced technology, new ingredients and delivery systems have been introduced. Oils? They’ve moved onto jelly oils and mist oils. Spritzing toners? That’s your pre-moisturising; you need to get yourself an essence for after you spritz. Asian beauty is never ready to sit on its laurels; there’s always time and constant strive to create the next best thing. Over here, we have to sit tight and wait until someone makes a version for us, or try our darned best to get our hands of the good stuff.

So, which brands and things should we be trying to get? Well we’re not completely ‘dry’ over here. We do have access to some brands, but more from the premium side of things. I remember celebrating when Cult Beauty started stocking Mizon. We just don’t have access to the other budget brands that compete with the top-end in Korea and Japan (makes me wish there was a ‘Koreatown’ in London!), which is a shame because products from the lower end are just as high-tech. Of the brands that have got physical store presence here, you should take a look at the following:
Suqqu: if you’ve watched Lisa Eldridge, you’ll have heard of Suqqu. You will then have looked at how much their brushes are, and had a mini heart attack. Save your money, because….

RMK: Their brushes are amazing. If you don’t want to hand over £100 for a Suqqu brush, then head here. When I was in Selfridges and bought their blush brush, they asked if the Suqqu counter had directed me there. Apparently, if Suqqu is out of stock, they send you to RMK, so make of that what you will. Their brushes are softer than soft, and with good care, will last you years.

Shu Uemura: everyone (but me) swears by their eyelash curlers but you’ll be surprised by how good their foundations are, and their skincare isn’t to be sniffed at.

Now for brands I think you should be looking at, but are much harder, if nigh impossible to find in the UK. If you someone you know is going to that part of the world, then beg or bribe them to pick some stuff up for you! Also, across the pond in the US, they have a lot more access to J and K Beauty, so hit up some of the stores there if you can; buying from the source is cheaper, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.
Missha: Their Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence is a beauty staple for me. It’s often compared to the SKII Facial Treatment Essence that Cate Blanchett swears by, but at a fraction of the price. They also do some ampoules (more concentrated versions of serums), all at fantastic value.

Heroine Make by Isehan: Yes it’s an odd name, but their mascaras are simply amazing. You’ll have seen raves of the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen, which I actually don’t like that much. Instead, I swear by the Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara, and the Make Volume and Curl. These are super waterproof. I’ve bawled my eyes out to films in this, sobbed my way through onion cutting, and they do not move whatsoever, and keep my lashes gravity-defiant. They’re lightweight and not as thickening, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more reliable mascara. I paid £12 for each from Japan, and frankly, they outclass all other high-end mascaras I’ve ever used.

Other Brands: All of them? Joking, there’s too many. Ones I think you should try are Laneige, Etude House, and the Ceramidin line of Dr Jart, which is brilliant for winter months. There are plenty more, but these are the ones that pop to mind.

In all honesty, you’ll be hard-pressed to find bad products, they’re all great quality and suited to different budgets. If you have any suggestions, or just want to talk Asian beauty, then please do drop me a line, I’m always more than happy to chat about it anytime!

Thank you once again to Tamsyn for letting me guest post here, hope I’ve converted you to Asian beauty if you hadn’t already!

A big thank you to Elina for contributing to this weeks guest post. It was great reading about Asian beauty brands. What did you think, could you be converted to Asian Beauty brands?
If you aren't following Elina, head over to her blog now and make sure you're up to date with her Twitter and Instagram!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Frank Coconut and Grapeseed Coffee Scrub Review | Guest post by Sweet Style of Mine

Today we have Guest post is by Charlotte Hutton from Sweet Style of Mine
Charlotte is a beauty and lifestyle blogger with a passion for food and DIY! Today she's sharing her thoughts on the Frank Coconut and Grapeseed Coffee Scrub. Over to you Charlotte...
 I have always had a love/hate relationship with body scrubs. Since a baby I have always suffered with sensitive skin, and over the years I have suffered with bouts of eczema and hypersensitive skin so scrubs that have ANY chemicals in usually ends up with me looking like a plucked pimpled chicken. Because of this I usually keep my skin routine simple and play it safe with brands I know suit my skin condition. I then recently came across Frank Body products, I decided I need to be a little more adventurous and trusting of my skin!

The Vegan Australian Company specialises in natural shower and body lotion products, straight away I was sold! Who doesn’t want to look like an Aussie beach babe, this must be their secret to their enviable bods right!?
The coconut and grapeseed scrub is designed to help get rid of any dry flakey skin with natural ingredients that don’t leave your skin feeling sore (or burnt is usually how mine ends up feeling!) but instead leaving your feel soft and smooth with their blend of Robusta coffee and coconut oil.
A Few pros and cons to consider after using this product:

1. Don’t eat it: If you are a coffee addict like me this is like a drug fix! Upon opening the bag and rubbing on my skin, the combination of the hot shower and steam in my bathroom, caused the room to instantly smell like a coffee shop, the smell was amazing! I had to stop myself from eating the blend (which I am sure would not have tasted great either!)

2. Coffee granules spread EVERYWHERE: If you also suffer with OCD like cleaning issues, I would advise against this product, it took me a good 10 minutes to get rid of the coffee out of my shower, it ended up on everything! I also knocked the bag over outside my shower which meant I had to wash my bath mat and mop the floor. I still see a rogue granule every so often lurking in the corner of my bathroom!

3. It is also hard to spread around: once wet it literally stuck to my hands like cake mix, I really struggled to scrub my face and my fingers resembled more and more like Edward scissor hands the more I tried to scrub!
After rinsing my skin did feel really soft like I had rubbed cocoa butter over myself, which was a lot more pleasant than the sore burnt feeling other sugar scrubs usually make my skin feel! I would definitely recommend it to those who also suffer with sensitive skin, the natural ingredients really seem to work well together.
This product is great as a ‘treat yourself’ but I would not recommend as an everyday shower essential, unless you are a lady of leisure and do not suffer from OCD cleaning like myself! You can find more info on the full frank body products range here

Have you tried the Frank coffee scrub? Is a coffee scrub something you'd like to try? We'd love to know your thoughts!

If you're not already, head over to Charlottes blog now at Sweet Style of Mine and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Five Minute Makeup | Guest Post by MissCosmeticBlogger

As some of you may know I am in Florida for two weeks and I've asked for some fabulous bloggers to share some topics with you until I'm back. Kicking off the series of guest posts is Beth from MissCosmeticBlogger.
 So it's back to school already but lucky old Tamsyn gets to go away on holiday so I am lucky enough to be guest posting on her blog. I usually blog over at MissCosmeticBlogger but love to guest post every now and then! Because it's back to school I thought I would do a Five Minute Face post for those days you need to rush out of the door. I've chosen a couple of products which help to add radiance to the face to try and stop the tiredness showing, from all the late night studying, (or more likely online window shopping and procrastinating.)
To start that awake, radiant look you're going to need an illuminating primer, one of my favourites is the L'Oreal Lumi Magique. It's a lightweight light reflecting with a consistency similar to moisturiser. If you don't want quite such a luminous primer you should try Benefit's That Gal, it's more expensive but not quite as illuminating. The great thing about Lumi Magique is that it is multipurpose, you can also use it as a highlighter, just apply over your foundation on the high points of your face.

Foundation wise I would use the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, a firm favourite of mine. This has a very nice coverage with light reflecting particles giving you a 'radiant glow.' The application of foundation is probably the most time consuming, I prefer to use the RealTecnhiques sponge as it gives an airbrushed finish, though depending on the coverage you want will depend how you apply.
This is another multipurpose product for both eyes and brows: the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in the shade Taupe. I love using Taupe over the lid and smudging it for the minimal effort eye makeup look, it's quite grungy and effortless. For those with dark blonde to light brown hair this also works as an excellent brown pencil. Its waxy but soft texture allows you to define the brows with ease making sure you get the look you desire.
My must have for any look is a good mascara, my favourite being Benefit's They're Real. If you're looking for a good drugstore mascara I recommend the SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up mascara which is so good for the price, Mascara opens up the eyes giving a more awake look to your face, which you need if you've had a late night.
Finally to add a bit of colour to your face try a tinted lip balm such as the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Not only will it keep your lips in tip top condition you also get a gentle swipe of colour added into your makeup.

This makeup look in total took me just under five minutes to apply. You could even skip a few steps if need be, for example foundation if you're having a good skin day or smudging the liner to create eyeshadow, it's up to you what you do but ultimately this is my quickest makeup routine!

I hope you enjoyed my post, if you'd like to read more posts like this hop on over to MissCosmeticBlogger, I must thank Tamsyn for letting me contribute to her blog and I hope she has a great holiday!

What are your quick makeup tips for students and workers in a hurry? We'd love to know so why not leave a comment!

Be sure to check out Beths blog at the link above and keep up to date with her posts with Twitter and Instagram :)

Monday, 31 August 2015

Looking Back On August | Life

This month seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. So we say goodbye to August on this glorious day that is oh-so typically Summer. Ahem, it's been chucking it down all day. Happy Bank Holiday guys :'D
It was an average month, mainly full of rain (shock horror) and a hell of alot of work but we had some good times. I felt the pressure at work over August, I'm not sure if it was the sheer busy periods as it's still the school holidays or if it's holiday mode coming to show making me not want to work at all. I tried so hard to save all the money I possibly could for Florida which also proved really difficult with all the Summer clothes I need to take :p I stepped up my exercising game, opting for plenty of home workouts and I prepped so many meals for work, no more nasty takeaways and fastfood.
So let me reflect over the past 31 days and share some gems with you all...
The real countdown to Florida began... as soon as the tickets arrived, that was it. The annoying countdown on every bit of social media that everyone absolutely hates but god forbid if they told me to shut the fuck up ;) I've spent the last few weeks making restaurant reservations, booking FastPasses for rides and character meets and filling out 'The DIBB' holiday planner. I am so ready!

I got a new camera lens... A 50mm to be precise. After much thought, plenty of research and lots of recommendations from fellow bloggers during a chat one evening. I decided to take the plunge and order a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens from Amazon for a bargain price of £69.00! I haven't had much time to play around with it but the time I have, it's been amazing! I can't wait to experiment some more with it.

I got to hang out with some awesome friends and more importantly got to catch up with one of my very old and dearest friends. I'm a bit of a social hermit with my social anxiety still rearing it's ugly head but when I feel the pang of confidence I really look forward to seeing friends. There's something really nice about catching up with old friends and this was a long time coming!

I ate beetroot... and I liked it! This is a massive thing for me. All my life I have absolutely hated beetroot. I would often try it, masking it in a dressing sauce or with fish or meat and I still hated it. However, I'm going through some serious changes to my food habits to ease my IBS. I walked into Marks and Spencer during my lunch break and picked up a box of beetroots in balsamic and red wine vinegar. And they were so delicious. Since then I've been back and got myself 3 more boxes. SO SO GOOD. Eat more beetroot.

I fell in love with Lush Shampoo and Conditioner bars. I've been trying really hard to switch to more natural products. Since starting to use the Lush Shampoo and Conditioner bars, my favourite being Brazilliant Shampoo Bar and Jungle Solid Conditioner. I have noticed an improvement in the condition and overall cleanliness of my hair. Not to mention the smell of them is just incredible! Full post and review coming soon.

As you can see I really struggled with this one. August wasn't as great as I thought when I looked back on it. I have so many thing planned for September so here's to hoping September is better!

What was the highlight of your month? Do you have anything planned for September?

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