Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Night At Clevedon Hall | Wedding

Last weekend Shehzad and I travelled over to the small town of Clevedon in North Somerset for an overnight stay at Clevedon Hall. It sits just next to the sea in a green garden estate with picturesque fountain and private lake. A 150-year-old manor, Clevedon Hall has previously been a home to it's original owner, a school and even a call centre but recently opened its doors to events and weddings.
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset
The Great Hall set on the ground floor is Grade II listed with the stained glass, large wooden doors, curved bay windows overlooking the grounds and lake; you can understand why the owners decided to give couples the opportunity to Wed in this picturesque location.
Across the First and Second floor are 25 bedrooms and suites, all recently refurbished to impressive standards, with each room and their en-suites individually designed with Vintage meets Modern furnishings.
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
We entered our room, Merlin, on the second floor. An absolutely stunning green and pink bedroom furnished with Butterflies and floral features, how did they know I love Butterflies?! The room windows overlooked the fountain outside, such peaceful views.
The effort that has gone into creating such perfect rooms can clearly be seen, everything from the colour of the room to the vintage books tied together with twine make the room just so complete. 
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
And the theme carried through to the bathroom with a stunning green roll top bath, luxe modern waterfall shower cubicle fit for a king and large chic basin. Even the toilet made me squeal with excitement, with a fancy heated seat. Oh come on, it would excite anyone?! Not to mention the endless amount of Bathroom products from Neals Yard Remedies, I was ready for a bubble bath (later)
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
At 7pm we made our way down to The Great Hall for a drinks reception and canapes of Smoked Salmon Mille-Feuille, Truffled Quail Eggs and Duck Hoisin Beignets. Some seriously delicious and delicate canapes!
After getting to know the other bloggers and writers we were given the opportunity to take a look at two of the larger suites on offer at Clevedon Hall. Used for event stays, bridal suites and by highly established business persons, the suites have been decorated to such high standards, with plush queen sized bed, ensuite wet room and separate business/dining room. Meaning even the most private of people can stay in these suites without ever having to leave.

By 8pm we walked through a large set of doors to the Grand Library, honestly it was like something from Beauty and The Beast. All the books set in the walls giving a classic setting, but don't let them fool you - most of them are fake and just for effect.
Now for the food. A 4 course meal created by head chef Alan Jones. Alan is an award winning chef, has worked with some of the UK's top Michelin-starred culinarians and was former finalist of the Gordon Ramsay Scholarship Award and South West Chef of the Year.
Needless to say we were very excited to try the menu he set for the evening.
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
First, a Lobster Bisque with Cognac and Tarragon. A light yet powerful bisque, creamy and delicious served with freshly baked breads and churned butter.
For starter, Carpaccio of Beef with poached cherries, candied walnuts and apple salad. The beef melted in the mouth, and was complimented perfectly with the apple salad and oh my gosh, were the candied walnuts perfect.
Next was a delicious main of Roast chicken breast, caramalized apples and wild garlic puree, creamed potatoes and spiced jus. The other guests had belly of pork but obviously I don't eat pork. The chicken was delicious, moist and cooked to perfection. The caramalized apples give a sweet bite and wow, the wild garlic puree was out of this world. I'm going to have to try wild garlic more often.
And finally a dessert of Vanilla set cream, raspberry jelly with poached rhubarb, rhubard and Champagne chilled soup and topped with a candied Rhubarb piece. I am a huge rhubarb fan, when living in Cornwall I even had my own grown rhubarb. The set cream and raspberry jelly went beautifully with the stewed rhubarb. The Champagne soup gave a sweet tarte after-taste which was a delight.
We were left, bellies full and feeling oh so pleased with our meal.

But the drinks were still flowing and so we sat and chatted to John, one of the owners who transformed it into it's beauty that stands today. John told us about the history of Clevedon Hall and it's plans for the future including adding a hotel and restaurant.
As a soon to wed couple Shehzad and I cannot help but talk weddings, John discussed with us the process the team at Clevedon Hall go through to perfect a couples special day. Everything from creating the perfect setting for their ceremony, which can be held in a number of locations from the Great Hall, with the sweeping staircase as the perfect entrance for the bride; to the Dame Rosa Burden, a large light and airy room with stunning views of the garden and lake.
John even discussed with us the catering for weddings. There are no set menus for couples to choose from, instead the chefs are fully flexible catering to whatever your heart desires for your special day. This won me over, I wish more venues (especially those closers to where we live) catered with these guidelines!
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
Clevedon Hall Wedding and Events Venue Somerset Merlin Suite
After a very restful nights sleep we woke, showered and dressed and made our way to breakfast in the Dame Rosa Burden room, where an array of options were available. From a full fry to freshly baked warm pastries and bread, and fresh fruits.
I opted for a warm croissant with jam and a bowl of yoghurt and fruit cocktail. Plenty of coffee and orange juice was flowing and conversations of the night before and our plans for the day. And soon after, it was time to leave :(

The husband-to-be and I left feeling warm and very pleased with our stay. You can see the effort that has gone into making Clevedon Hall the venue that it is today. Any couple would be more than delighted to tie the knot in this stunning location. Clevedon Hall is available for exclusive hire for events, weddings or any formal occasion. For more information and brochures do contact Clevedon Hall via their website.

Clevedon Hall, Clevedon, Bristol, BS21 7RQ

Friday, 15 May 2015

Superfoodio Classic Discovery Box Review | Food

I am a sucker for a subscription box and even more so for food based boxes so when Supefoodio offered me the April discovery box* to review I was more than happy to accept! The Superfoodio classic is a monthly subscription box containing 6-7 superfood-infused snacks from £18 per month.

The packaging is basic, rustic and all natural. Perfect for recycling obsessed like myself. But lets move on to the main event, the food itself!
First up the snacks...
Ombar is a fairly recognised brand to me with raw chocolate. This is Ombra Acai and Blueberry, a superfood filled chocolate bar. I hadn't tried this flavour so I was delighted. It's the perfect size for a snack and to conquer your chocolate craving. Delicious.
Another product I have tried before, Nudie Snacks Coconut Chips. I love fruit (and veggie) chips, they make a lovely alternative to a piece of fruit, especially on the go and even to replace nasty crisps!
Next, a few snacks I haven't heard of. First, Munchy Seeds Omega Sprinkles. A blend of roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, linseeds and hulled hemp. The packet of seeds are high in, you guessed it, Omega 3, and also Vitamin E, Iron, Protein, Zinc and Fibre.
An interesting burst of green from a 100% natural treat, the Dynabites Green TNT by Miss Nutritionist. The Green TNT is perfect for an energy boost containing, you guessed it Green Tea!
Next, the perfect topper for cereal, yoghurt or any healthy sweet treat, Engergised Rollagranola. An all natural concoction of crunchy oats, macadamia nuts, pistachio nuts, almonds, seeds, plus maca and ginger for an energy boost!
I've never seen Green Tea mints before so this lovely pocket sized tin of Sencha Pink Dragonfruit Mints got me all excited. They actually taste pretty good. A slight taste of mint with a sweet power of dragonfruit.
Another item that got me excited, a very peculiar Flora Tea Lily Fairy. I actually had to Google this as I wasn't too sure what sort of teabag it was. Turns out it's a small handtied ball of green tea and dried flower. Once dropped into water it opens where the true beauty of the flower can be seen. I've ordered more of these so look out for photos on my social media of this!
Every month the Superfoodio Discovery Box contains a 'cook me feature ingredient' and this months was something I really enjoy, Artisan Grains Royal Quinoa. Quinoa is a wheat-free high protein grain and can be added to any dish to give a protein fix. Look out for a few recipes on here soon.

The Superfoodio Box is perfect for discovering new and exciting foodie items. Whether you're already fairly healthy or like myself you're making that transition to a healthier lifestyle. Foodie boxes like this can really help open your eyes and make you more familiar to healthy snacks without feeling overwhelmed when you step into a health store.
You can order the June box now by clicking here. I already have ;)

Have you tried any of these or even the Superfoodio Box? What's your favourite superfood?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lavender Bedtime | Wednesday Wishlist

If there's one thing I struggle with lately, it's drifting off to sleep. A mixture of noise, working shift patterns and general anxiety and stress related thoughts keep me wide awake at night. Since getting my Fitbit Flex I've been tracking my sleeping pattern and it genuinely shocks me how bad it is some nights. Over the last month I've been so annoyed with getting just 4-5 hours sleep that I've been taking sleeping tablets. Not ideal to be taken on a regular basis and not great when I have to wake myself up before 5am for work, so I've been looking at alternative methods to help me drift off...
A Bedtime Wishlist

First, some Lavender fuelled scents - Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist and This Works Deep Sleep Body Therapy. I really love Lavender scents, I find them so relaxing and as a child I remember having a lavender scented pillow at my grandmas house. Perfect.
I've recently turned into a big tea drinker, experimenting more with unusual flavours. This Yogi Bedtime Tea sounds lovely so I will be hunting this down soon.
Disney Princess Jasmine Pyjama Set because who doesn't want Disney pjs? and Lavender Eye Mask, I'm sure I'm not the only shift worker who absolutely hates being rudely woken by the sun shining through their curtains when they're trying to sleep?
Finally, I had to add this because, well Neom. Who doesn't want a Neom candle? All the reviews on this Neom Organics Tranquillity Scented Candle make it sound like the perfect bedtime candle.

Do you have any secrets for what helps you get a good nights sleep?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Spring Walks In Box Hill | Photo Friday #1

Last weekend my sister and her boyfriend came to stay and after much indulging of delicious foods and plenty of birthday cake we decided it was best do a bit of exercise and grab some fresh air and went for a lovely walk across Box Hill. Run by the National Trust and located just outside of Dorking. It has peaceful walking and cycling routes, spectacular views of the Surrey countryside and a gorgeous river running through if you fancy dipping your toes into something cool on a hot day!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

LUSH Easter and Spring Haul | Beauty

It's been a while since I shared a Lush bath products haul, mainly because I use them up as soon as I purchase them; forgetting to photograph them! But with it being Easter I thought I'd take a bit of time to share my most recent Lush bath bomb and bubblebar haul, an Easter and Spring theme!
My love for Lush bath bombs and other products has really started to grow over the months, I've been completely obsessed if I'm honest. I'm usually a shower person but when I feel the stress building I reach for a bath bomb and run a long hot bath. I grab my tablet and off I go to let the delicious scents and oils work into my skin and clear my head as I laugh my head off to some movie or comedy show on Netflix (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is doing it for me right now!)

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